October 29, 2015

5 Things This Autumn.


Organised: This month is all about cleaning my house, my make up draws, my  car and so on. I love to feel organised and my surroundings to be tidy. A tidy house I find puts you in a better mood, nothing better than clean sheets etc. Winter is the perfect time to get all cosy and light all the candles in the house. I am a huge fan of Christmas but not the cold, Autumn though with its crisp mornings are great. I love to go for walks in my wellies with my dogs in Autumn. So this Autumn I have decided to send some clothes to charity that I never wear and clean all the rooms in my house for it to feel fresh for Winter. Make up draws need a look at again.

Relax: I am all about staying at home with my dogs and Rob and watching movies or going out for a long walk. I am a real home body and that won't change, being at home makes me happy. I need to take time out to relax and to treat myself better, reading before bed and things like that need to happen more.

Change: There will be a lot of change coming soon, we are wanting to move closer to Manchester. Hoping this will happen before Christmas so that we can celebrate in our new house. I am super proud of Rob this year he is doing amazing, so change will be good. I am excited to move, so that it can be a new start and feel fresh, easier for both our jobs too. 

Christmas: I am so excited for Christmas but I am fine with it taking its time still to happen. I want to get all my Christmas shopping done before December so that it can all be done, to focus on a great December. I also want to buy my mom an amazing 50th birthday gift, I need to get some ideas. I also need to stock up on some Lush products, this time of year is my favourite for the products they have.

Focus: I am pleased with how my life is at the minute, houses and things will come but personally I am a lot better. I love my dogs, Rob and my job so those things make me happy. I want to focus on my blog more and to keep moving it forward. Nothing beats sitting down and typing out a blog post. Working with amazing brands and just enjoying it. surrounding yourself with great people help too. I can never see myself without my blog, its part of me now. So for years to come I hope I can document things and still talk about beauty. 

What do you plan to do this Autumn?


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  1. I'm cool with not having many plans for autumn. Like yourself I'm happy with things going as they are right now too.
    Getting organised is something I should however look into - good point.
    Good luck on your new adventures when you get going though, moving will be stressful but super exciting, keep reminding yourself that x
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks


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