October 21, 2015

Switch It Up With Witch Skin Care.

 I have been challenged by Witch Skin Care to switch it up this Winter. In my previous post here you will be able to see the switch it up box they sent me. Inside there were five quote cards, each one we can challenge ourselves with. For my first challenge I have chosen the quote  ' When was the last time you tried something for the first time' I usually post all about beauty and add in lifestyle posts so for this challenge I decided to do a fashion post to switch it up.
Witch kindly sent in this Winter skin care box an Asos voucher which I purchased this scarf with. Its an over sized woven scarf with pastel tweed. I am in need of warmer clothes and this scarf has made a difference to my wardrobe. I love Autumn and feeling all cosy, out walking my dogs with my wellies on. This scarf will help me feel that bit more fashionable this Winter. Its huge, it feels like you can really wrap yourself in it like a blanket. Its super soft and looks great with most things I wear. 
 Stunning detailing, love the colours.
Going back to the challenge, it was fun changing up my blog posts to add in a small fashion styled post. I usually shy away from doing them but this one was fun, it made me rethink about them. I may add in more in the future, what do you think? 

My beautiful Juniper decided to take the lime light, she gave me a cuddle so we decided to take a photograph. Today was fun doing this post, thank you Witch Skin Care for challenging me to switch it up. 


  1. I love this scarf - very unique colours and perfect for the autumn time:)

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

  2. The scarf looks so warm and snuggly!


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