October 14, 2015

Switch To witch- Winter Skin Care Update.

 A big thank you to Witch* for setting me the challenge of updating my skin care for Autumn/Winter. I am a huge fan of the Witch Skin care, I challenge you to try it and not see results. I went a week without using my Witch face wash and I could see the difference it made, I had to pop into Superdrug asap to buy more. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin when I use Witch. I must admit this was my go to brand when I was a teenager but now that I am 24, it still works for me. I am super excited to take on the challenge Witch skin care has set for me, read on to find out more.
 In the box they kindly sent me products to share with my friends and family, I love mini products. The over night serum works wonders, I have used this product before and it made my skin super soft. Mini products to travel with are great too, you can keep up with your skin care away from home. 
 I am excited to try out hair chalk, I may use it when I dress up for Halloween at work. I also would like to update my hair by adding in some colour this Winter. The black head clearing gel is a must product this Winter, I am obsessed with using it. Witch skin care helps you create an amazing skin care routine on a budget. 
 New to my skin care routine is the cleansing lotion which I am so excited to add into my routine. I am in need of a new cleanser, my skin gets dry in the colder months. I use the witch face wipes when I wake up in the morning to start of my morning routine.
 I am working on having a peaceful mind, I worry a lot and the past three months I have seen a huge improvement. I still have my off days but working on my mind has been a challenge, this book is right up my street. This will by my bedside to read before bed, its a cute size too. This will help me this Winter, a cute book to read, hot chocolate to relax after a long day.
 I am going to start on working on my blog posts for the challenges Witch set me, they involve these amazing quotes. I am a big fan of quotes that challenge you to be a better person, to really motivate yourself. 

In this box Witch Skin care introduced me to the new gentle exfoliating face wash. I love using products that are affordable and make a big difference in my skin care. This face wash contains more active micro granules to help unclog pores and remove impurities. I love how this face wash leaves my skin feeling fresh, smooth, clean and radiant. It ticks all the boxes for an everyday gentle face wash, I am a huge fan of the improved formula. 

Using Witch skin care it leaves me with a great affordable skin care routine, unclogging pores and it smooths out my skin. Witch skin care is available in Superdrug.

Switch to witch!


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  1. i LOVE the mindfullness book! I haven't actually consiered using witch before, but I may try the overnight serum.


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