November 25, 2015

My Christmas Next Home Ware Wish List.

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight 

Today I went to go have a look at a house near my work and Robs, I fell in love with it instantly. I feel so excited that I have made myself feel sick, I am hoping it all comes together before Christmas. This is why I decided to type up a home ware wish list to try and get my excitement out of my head. I have a theme in mind with this new house, its similar to what I have now but I would like to make it feel more homely. The colour scheme I would like is rose gold, white and black with lots of cute lights. 

I have picked out a few home ware pieces I would like in my new home, candles and cute little storage tins are key. I would love to add in a lot of cute lighting pieces, from candles to amazing floor lamps. I love the alphabet candle, its simple and effective so I  would like to pick this up soon. I am in love with the fox jar, I am obsessed with woodland at the minute so this will be a priority to get for my kitchen. 

For my lounge I would love for it to be full of lovely cushions on our grey sofas. I think I may just have to pick up the cushion with border collies on, its a must have for me. For the first time today I feel excited about Christmas, putting up our tree in front of the gorgeous bay window will be so exciting. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan before Christmas because I am very impatient when it comes to moving. I get super excited about it all, I can't wait to have a look in Home Sense too when we move in, you can find some amazing pieces in there.


November 24, 2015

Products I am Loving Right Now.

 A few days ago I shared with you some new skin care products to my routine. Here is the full blog post about the products. They are perfect, my skin feels like new and I cannot thank Root & Flower enough. I love the packaging and the products are 100% raw, natural and organic. The products can heal,balance and nourish the skin, I agree. I just cannot get enough of the products, I may have to get more. A small amount of each product goes a long way, they have done wonders to my skin care routine. I love the bag they came in too, it just adds that special touch to the products.
 This month I have discovered so many new products to try out for my skin care, this mask is one of them. This mask is a full on pamper session, relaxation mask for when your skin needs a boost. You leave it on for 30 minutes so that it can dry, you then peel it off. It is very satisfying to do this, it leaves my skin super soft. This mask I purchased from Boots for £6, I went back the next day and bought a second box, I may need to try the brightening mask too. In the box you get three sachets of the mask, you need to put the mask on with a thick layer. Once it dries you can peel it off, trust me the wait is worth it. It is a deep cleanse mask, one that I am obsessed with. This is new to me but it is one that I need to use at least twice a month. Its detoxifying which is what I love about it, after a long week this mask helps refresh my skin.
 Recently I have been on the hunt for something to whiten my teeth, a product that works. This product landed at my door just in time, its perfect to remove stains and cleans the teeth. It is very important to me to keep my teeth looking good, keeping them as white as I can. This is the first time I have used Blanx* but I know I will have this in my next Boots basket. 

Now that it is getting colder I am loving having a long hot bath after a long day at work. I came across the new Imperial leather shower creams in Boots and decided to buy one of each. I picked up the coconut, refresher and marsh mallow scents. They are incredibly comforting and would be a great stocking filler this Christmas. I may need to go into Boots and purchase some more. I love them because they are different, sweet and make your skin smell lovely. 

What products are you loving? 


November 23, 2015

My happiness Planner- 100 days challenge.

 This year for me has been an exciting,sad, upsetting,crazy year. I want to start 2016 in a positive light, new start and all. I am in a happy place with my job and my little family with Rob, as you know we adore our two border collies. focusing on the small things has been my own theme the past couple of months and it really helps me to focus. I love to make notes and lists of blog ideas etc. So when I received my happiness planner in the post I was so excited to get started. 
 This planner focuses on Happiness rather than productivity, its personal to you. You can start the planner when you feel ready, it takes 100 days to break a habit. This planner helps you to focus on your happiness, with some great quotes along the way. Its a journey that you write down, you can focus on what makes you happy by noting down each day. It helps you apply the practice of joy, happiness in your life. 
Aqua 100 day Planner $29*

This planner helps you set goals, practice self reflection and it helps you start each day with a positive start. I plan to take 10 minutes of each day to write in my planner, I want my mind set to change. I have so much to be thankful for, so I need to focus on my mind to change it to think of the best outcomes etc. I want to plan my life around things that truly matter, the small things can be the best moments. 

This book can help you cut out the things that hold you back, for me its my mind set. i want to end each day with gratitude, which is very important to me. You can cut out things that make you happy and stick it into this planner, become creative with it. At the end of the planner you review your 100 day challenge to see how you felt throughout the process.

I love the colour of this planner, I got mine in Aqua but they do black and pink too. I adore the gold foil stamping on the front of the cover. There is 161 pages to fill with your answers, thoughts and ideas.

100 days is the perfect amount to get into a new routine, thought process. You can start the planner whenever you want which helps to stay focused. When you move onto a new planner you should be able to see results, this is what I am excited about. I will be 25 in 2016 so change, happiness is a big part of my plan.

Inside this planner you can keep track of exercise, which helps your mind stay positive. Food planner, goal setting, daily quotes, to do lists and more. I have decided to start my planner this week so that I can start my new year in a positive mind set. 

What do you think of this planner?


November 18, 2015

Skin Care Update: Root & Flower.

 I have discovered new skin care products that make a huge difference to my skin care. Lately I have had really dry, blemish prone skin and tried everything to try and get it to calm down. I have some new products in that have worked wonders to my skin, they are new to me but I am in love. Root & Flower are a Raw, organic, 100% natural brand who trust nature alone to create therapeutic products that can heal, balance, nourish and restore.
lets start with first impressions, well what I adore about this brand is the packaging. You cannot beat something that feels amazing because it looks great too. The bag the products come in is simple yet so effective. You could keep the products in here to keep them safe or use it for make up storage in your hand bag. Its great to put travel size products in, the products themselves are small but a small amount goes a long way. less is more with this brand, which is great.
 Root and Flower formulate their products without water so therefor without the need for chemical emulsifier, chemical preservative or compromise. I was contacted by Root and Flower to try out the products, so pleased they reached out. I have been on the hunt for a new cleansing balm, this coconut and carrot cleanser has answered so many skin issues for me. It leaves the skin smooth and brighter due to the carrot ingredient. All you have to do is massage a small amount onto skin to remove dirt, use a warm wet cloth to remove. I tend to use this after I take my make up off then to make sure all dirt is removed I use this. It makes my skin feel amazing and I wake up with a great base to work with for my make up. This cleanser is £20* but I know it is something I will go ahead and purchase myself when this one is finished but a small amount goes a long way so I am hoping it will last ages. 
 I am a huge fan of products with tea tree and turmeric in it, this balm helps fight skin irruptions and helps prevent future break outs. I tend to get a few spots here and there which make it hard to cover up with make up. I am so excited to use this more often, I use this as a last step before I go to bed. A small amount is needed on the area that needs treating, turmeric reduces redness and it is known as 'magic spice' I am excited to keep this in my skin care routine this Winter and I can see myself using this in the summer too. 
 I am obsessed with using new face scrubs but I think this has to be the best, I have used so many other ones before. Yet again and incredible product that leaves my skin soft, fresh and clean. This product uses chia seed to gently remove dirt, dead sin cells and grim deep inside the pores. Chia see is naturally abrasive with powerful anti-oxidants, comes from the word strength. Oats absorb surface grim and dirt effortlessly and it leaves my skin hydrated which this Winter I need. 
Chia seed and oat face scrub £20*
Coconut and carrot cleansing balm £20*
Blemish Balm £10*
Overall I am very impressed with this brand from the packaging to the ingredients. The products feel indulgent and I love how well they work. Natural products which is a change for my skin care and I am loving it. All three of these products work so well together and a small amount goes a long way. I cans see these products lasting me, which is great because I love them. They leave my skin fresh, soft and help with my dry skin this Autumn. The cleansing balm is suitable for all skin types too. The price range they are, so worth the extra splurge for something like this. The ingredients are fab and they work.

I know I have now found a brand that works well with my current skin care routine. i will update in a few more weeks time on the results but so far so good. they look great in my bathroom, simple yet effective packaging. I could talk about these products for ages but I will leave it at this for now, look out for updates. next on my wish list are the face creams.

November 17, 2015

PawsomeBox November 2015.

 This is one of my favourite blog posts to type up, we have so much fun taking photographs. My dogs know this parcel is for them, they get so excited. We always sit together and open it, as I take each item out they try and see, smell and snatch it. Every month there is an amazing theme, I am loving the November box. So many useful, fun and edible products for the dogs. Bella and Juno enjoy all of the box every month. 
 Inside each box there is between 5-6 amazing products, we always use everything that comes in the box. This November box is filled with cosy,treats and fun products. The blanket will come in handy because our dogs love to snuggle up on the sofa. The plush toy is always an exciting one, this time they got a sausage dog, which I want to keep.
 I love that you get a little paw notes booklet in each box, it explains the products and information on gorgeous dogs. In this months box we got wagg treats which are good for training. a pink treat ball, blanket, chicken meat balls and a cute plush toy. 
 Here is little Isabella, she enjoys having a snuggle on the Sofa in the Winter, she is loving the grey blanket. The pink treat ball will go down well with Juniper, she loves to explore and play. The sausage dog toy is the cutest thing ever, luckily they tend to keep most of their toys safe.
 The price of the box is cheaper than all the items inside, all you have to do is tell them about your dog. Age, breed etc which helps them to send out the right products for you, it is super easy to order and it always arrives on time.

Look at Bella she is as snug as a bug in her blanket, it is super soft and she adores it. Bella loves to pose for the camera, Juno takes a bit of encouragement. Bella knows as soon as  I have taken the pictures she can have the items, shes not daft. I really want to say a huge thank you to Pawsome Box for working with me, you guys are incredible. Each month I get to bond with my dogs, gain more knowledge about products and try out new things. My dogs adore the box, seeing them play with the new toys make me happy.

I have a special discount for you, 25% off your next order. All you have to do is put BLG14FTZ in the discount code section. This is a great way to bond with your dogs, it saves you money on buying lots of different products and its very exciting waiting for one to arrive. I love what they do and highly recommend them, even for a one off you can treat someone this Christmas. 

I enjoy spoiling my pets and this is a great way to make it exciting for us all. They also do a box for cats called Purrfect Box. We are exciting to put all our treats in our treat tin, ready for training.

What do you think of pawsomeBox?


November 14, 2015

8 Blogging Tips.


  1. Give your blog a make over every now and then. I started off with a simple blog design and I have changed my design three times. I recently changed my banner, to give it a fresh look for me and for my readers. I really enjoyed having the panda logo but this time I have gone for make up swatches behind my blog name. Its simple but works for the design, as your blog grows, you can let it grow too. 
2. Design an about me page so that we can get to know you and what you are interested in. Make it clear how to contact you, by email or even on other social media platforms. I am a huge fan of Instagram, so I love to find new blogs and to follow them on Instagram. 

3. Keep a diary, note pad handy so that when you come up with ideas you can write them down. I have one in my hand bag at all times so that I can plan out post ideas and note down blogs I have found and love. Its handy to write things down because when you are busy you may miss it or forget.

4. This is a tip I am trying to follow myself at the minute, make time. So making time for your blog is important, you have worked so hard on it. Blogging relaxes me, it is something I do because I love it. I work full time but every week I make sure I make time to do some blog posts. Plan out your blog posts and read bloglovin to try avoid blogger burn out. Comment back to your readers, spend time commenting on other blogs etc.

5. brain storm content, get a pen and paper and note down anything that comes to you. I do this at least every two to three weeks and I end up with pages and pages full of ideas. this helps me when I have a writers block, it inspires me to write new content. 

6. Learn how to edit your photographs and find a place in your house that has good lighting. I use one spot in my house that I take photographs for my blog because the lighting is good which saves me time on editing. If you get the light right you won't have to spend hours editing one photo.

7. Enjoy what you write about, never blog just to get a post live. I stick to this rule, I only blog when I really want to. Its something I really enjoy and it puts me in a good mood. I work with brands that I love and I stay faithful to my readers. Remember why you started. 

8. Support other bloggers and never compare your blog to others. This is your space on the internet, if we all had the same blogs it would be boring. Write content you enjoy reading and leave comments on other blogs. We all put so much hard work into our blogs, so share the love. use social media in a positive way, enjoy instagram and Twitter. Join in on blog Twitter chats, I love the bbloggers chat on a Sunday.

Let me know your tips on blogging?


November 13, 2015

Epsom Salts, Improving my health.

 I am a big fan of Epsom salts, it works wonders for my back ache and helps to improve my skin. Myself and my mom found Epsom in Tk Max and from that day we both are huge fans of using this in our baths more than once during the week. After a long day at work, I enjoy relaxing in the bath. I suffer from back ache so this helps my muscles and nerves to relax. Epsom has become very popular with doctors, personal trainers and people like me who want to treat myself to a relaxing bath that has multiple cures.
Epsom Salts 1kg £11.95*

Epsom Salts otherwise know as Magnesium sulphate, which has amazing benefits. It can help with cramps, pains, skin problems, muscle pains, heals cuts, treats colds and draws toxins from your body. I love to use a cup full when I have a pamper bath, it helps to relax my back and help with my aches and pains from the busy day at work. I am loving this product, I may need to order a jar for my mom before she reads this post. She will be super jealous of how it looks in the jar in my bathroom. First impressions are great, I love that you can keep it dry and safe in this jar yet it looks stunning in my bathroom. Its a real treat product that improves your health, which I am all about. i love products that help with my back ache and improve my mind by taking time out to relax. 

I love that it comes with this jar, all for just £11.95* and I know I will reuse this jar by adding in more of the salts. When I have purchased Epsom salts before I was not sure how to keep it all dry and away from damp but with this jar its great. Epsom sell shampoos and soaps which I would love to try, this brand is one that is not spoken about enough.

What do you think?


November 11, 2015

Make Up Revolution - Pink Fizz Eye Shadow palette.

 As you may know I am a huge Make Up Revolution fan, they do amazing pieces to update your make up.It is affordable and looks great, the pigmentation is insane. I never used to be a fan of using eye shadow and only ever had one palette but now I am obsessed and its to do with this brand. This is a  great festive season make up palette, the shades work well for a day to night look.
 I am obsessed with the shade Party, I wore this today to try out a new look for this season and fell in love instantly. The pigmentation of each shade stands out and it is easy to blend. You can use more than one colour together and its a great palette to wear day or night.
 There are 16 shimmer and matte shades, I love the shimmer shades and I know I will use this palette for my Christmas party and this Winter. The gold shades are my favourite and warm up my look.
Pink Fizz £7.99*

Its a cute yet affordable palette that in my eyes is just as good as some high end products. The pigmentation is incredible and blends in, making it the perfect budget palette. I never use the brushes that come with the palettes but the ones I have from Real techniques work really well to blend in the colour. 

Inside the palette there is a handy mirror which helps, What I love about this eye shadow palette is that I know I will be able to use all the colours. This is rare in eye shadow palettes because I tend to stick to golds,browns and creams but this one works really well together. I am excited to use it more over Christmas, its perfect. I love that it has a strong, good quality outer case which will help to keep it safe when traveling. I like the idea of the chocolate bar, its cute yet has incredible shades in it. 

Thanks to make up revolution I have discovered I can use more shades and create more looks, I think this is one of my all time favourite palettes ever. Its affordable and does a great job, what do you think?


November 01, 2015

Bespoke Handcrafted Dream Catcher Giveaway.

 I have an exciting new giveaway for you, you may have seen my recent review of Ethereaia. She kindly made me a handcrafted dream catcher, which I adore. I am a huge fan of her work, its original and beautiful.  
I am in love with the colours of this dream catcher, it will compliment any room in your house. My dream catcher looks amazing in my bedroom and it stands out from anything else. She hand crafts all her dream catchers and she also takes orders with your ideas, fast delivery too. This would make an amazing Christmas/ birthday gift, its got that special touch to it. I love all the detail that has gone into her work. Every single dream catcher is unique and amazing. 

For you to win this beautiful dream catcher please follow all the steps in the rafflecopter below. This is open internationally and I will contact Nicola with the winner when it ends. good luck and send your love over to Nicola. 

here is the one she made me. Link.
Have a great day.
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