November 17, 2015

PawsomeBox November 2015.

 This is one of my favourite blog posts to type up, we have so much fun taking photographs. My dogs know this parcel is for them, they get so excited. We always sit together and open it, as I take each item out they try and see, smell and snatch it. Every month there is an amazing theme, I am loving the November box. So many useful, fun and edible products for the dogs. Bella and Juno enjoy all of the box every month. 
 Inside each box there is between 5-6 amazing products, we always use everything that comes in the box. This November box is filled with cosy,treats and fun products. The blanket will come in handy because our dogs love to snuggle up on the sofa. The plush toy is always an exciting one, this time they got a sausage dog, which I want to keep.
 I love that you get a little paw notes booklet in each box, it explains the products and information on gorgeous dogs. In this months box we got wagg treats which are good for training. a pink treat ball, blanket, chicken meat balls and a cute plush toy. 
 Here is little Isabella, she enjoys having a snuggle on the Sofa in the Winter, she is loving the grey blanket. The pink treat ball will go down well with Juniper, she loves to explore and play. The sausage dog toy is the cutest thing ever, luckily they tend to keep most of their toys safe.
 The price of the box is cheaper than all the items inside, all you have to do is tell them about your dog. Age, breed etc which helps them to send out the right products for you, it is super easy to order and it always arrives on time.

Look at Bella she is as snug as a bug in her blanket, it is super soft and she adores it. Bella loves to pose for the camera, Juno takes a bit of encouragement. Bella knows as soon as  I have taken the pictures she can have the items, shes not daft. I really want to say a huge thank you to Pawsome Box for working with me, you guys are incredible. Each month I get to bond with my dogs, gain more knowledge about products and try out new things. My dogs adore the box, seeing them play with the new toys make me happy.

I have a special discount for you, 25% off your next order. All you have to do is put BLG14FTZ in the discount code section. This is a great way to bond with your dogs, it saves you money on buying lots of different products and its very exciting waiting for one to arrive. I love what they do and highly recommend them, even for a one off you can treat someone this Christmas. 

I enjoy spoiling my pets and this is a great way to make it exciting for us all. They also do a box for cats called Purrfect Box. We are exciting to put all our treats in our treat tin, ready for training.

What do you think of pawsomeBox?


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