December 07, 2015

Christmas With My Border collies.

One sassy lady!

Laura gave me the idea of a mini Christmas shoot with my dogs, wait till you see her cute photos. I am so excited about sharing these photos with you, it was so much fun and it really cheered me up after a long day. Bella is super sassy and she really made me laugh, looks like I have my Christmas card sorted. 

My dogs are my world as you may already know, so having photos like this makes me happy. I want to make a new years resolution of printing more pictures out. We have a photo shoot at a blog event on Friday and I think Bella won my vote to take with me.

I bought a Christmas hat for Bella few years ago and found it with all my decorations which led to this mini shoot. They have new Christmas jumpers, we spend Christmas at Robs moms house so we visit with them in their jumpers.

This will be Junipers first Christmas with us, I am super excited to spoil them rotten and give them lots of love. 

What do you think of this little photo shoot?

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