December 11, 2015

Filming With Holland & Barrett

 Today myself and a few other bloggers attended an incredible blog event. The girls who were running the event made it so easy, fun and a great experience. I decided to take Bella along with me for the shoot, they kindly invited us along with our dogs. I have two border collies but Bella is the one who loves the camera, she soon got in to it. The event was held in Manchester which was amazing to be able to attend an event local to us. 
 We sat down to be interviewed, this was so much fun and something completely new to me. I am very excited to see the final video soon. We collaborated with Holland & Barrett, they are releasing new products to encourage us to keep our pets healthy. Bella sat on the chair for about five seconds before jumping all around the set but it was fun to be able to work with the videographers. They set me up with a microphone and it all felt surreal, I am very proud of what I can do with my blog.
 We were kindly sent home with a bag full of goodies, so many products to try to keep my dogs healthy. I am a big fan of Holland and Barrett, I recently discovered some amazing skin care products from them. The set was in an amazing location, easy to find and they kindly set us out a Prett dinner. 
 The videographers were very passionate about the brief they were set, they gave us clear guidance. I honestly really enjoyed today, one of the best blog events I have attended and working with a brand I love too. Being able to talk about my dogs and for her to be able to attend with me was very sweet. 
 My little super star, as soon as we walked in she was ready to pose. She found a tennis ball and decided to play with everyone in the room. The videographer told me she was amazing and wanted to be in the video at all times. We shot a few videos of us playing and Bella showed them her trick of high five. 
 This was when they videographers were trying to set up the lighting, Bella decided it was time for her close up. Bella enjoyed all the toys on display, she even decided to take one home with her. 
 Loulabeth attended the event too which was great, we love attending them together. She brought along her two cute pugs, lulu and Tilly. It was amazing to be able to meet Lulu for the first time since she was adopted by Laura. I am in love with these pugs. 

 My little super star. 
Thank you to the girls who ran the event today, we had so much fun. Bella is now fast asleep next to me, she was having the time of her life today. All the treats,toys and tennis balls to eat and play with. Here is Laura being interviewed with her gorgeous pugs, we each took turns to be interviewed and it was an amazing experience. Thank you Holland & Barrett for this event today, I cannot wait to see the video soon. This may have given me the boost I need to film Youtube videos in the near future, I had so much fun. 

I will show you the video as soon as I have it!


  1. Loved today, so glad we get to attend things like this together! xxxxx


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