January 27, 2016

New York Big Night In With BodyForm.

 Hearing those words you have won a trip to New York is my dream come true, every girls dream come true. I have teamed up with Body Form to have a New York themed night in, this sounds perfect. I love having nights in, with dvds and chocolate, even better when it has a theme. I have always dreamed of visiting New York, it would be amazing. Body form sent me an incredible parcel, filled to the top full of goodies to have a perfect night in with friends.
 The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the chocolate pizza, I love pizza so this was great to see. On my list to do in New York would be to have a slice of pizza, so simple but would be awesome. So much thought has gone into this box, thank you Body Form for a great night in.
 I was super excited to watch Sex and the city whilst eating American chocolate, I love exploring new food in different places. I can confirm I need more American sweets and chocolates, the pretzel m&ms are perfection. 
On my to do list I would take a visit to the statue of Liberty, I have to do this before I am 30. This is a memory stick, one I can keep my blog pictures on if I take too many in New York.
 New York would not be complete without a I heart New York t shirt, I wore this as a pj top whilst watching dvds, comfy clothes are the way forward. I love the note pad to write down my to do list in New York, I really wish I could be planning our trip to New York for real. Myself and my boyfriend have been together for six years and we are yet to go on holiday together. 
 It was so much fun to have a themed night in, New York is on my list of places to visit. Body Form did a great job of helping me out with this. In the box there were bunting, confetti and lots of food and cups for drinks. This is one of the best parcels I have ever received, it was so much fun to do. The selfie stick would come in handy when traveling, i would snap away my entire trip.

Body Form.
My bucket list for new York would be:

  • Visit the statue of Liberty.
  • visit Central Park
  • The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.
  • 9/11 Memorial 
  • Manhattan Sky Line.
  • Empire State building
  • A boat tour
  • Times Square.
  • All the make up too!

Thank you to Body Form for sending me out this parcel filled with New York themed goodies, it was so much fun. New York would be an ultimate confidence booster, have you found a pink ticket in your pack? 

Dreams can come true.

January 20, 2016

Decorating My New Home

As you may have read all over my Twitter I have moved house, I am so excited to finally have a house that feels like home. I love this house, its got the perfect amount of space to work with, to create a space of our own. I am a big fan of monochrome and adding in touches of colour. In my mind I have a colour palette of green,white,black and mustard yellow as you can see in most of the pictures shown. We have three bedrooms to decorate, our main room, an office and a laundry room.  I want my office to feel inspiring with beautiful framed pieces of art work, quotes. We are thinking wood with touches of colour but mainly black and white. I cannot wait to have a space to create and store all my beauty bits and bobs.

Our bedroom, I want to keep simple and somewhere I feel relaxed. No tv or distractions just a nice cosy room. Again my theme for this room will be monochrome with hints of grey and green, the green coming from my plants. I love the pop of wood in the pictures above, my theme for this room is woodland. Our bedside tables we have we are going to keep so a new bed and bed frame is needed to complete the room. Mirrors and wall art are a huge part of this room.

now the lounge is my favourite part of the house, its such an amazing space to work with. We are thinking of getting a wood coffee table and to add in pops of green and yellow. I love the look of both pictures, I want to combine them to create an amazing space to relax and watch tv. The pop of yellow is my favourite part of this style, we already started our yellow theme with a new ceiling lamp shade. We are saving to buy dark grey sofas with dark wood feet, so this is one of the most exciting projects. 

Wall art and plants are a big part of this house for me, I really want to make it feel like a home. I hope we can put up a few shelves and mirrors. The first style I would like to add to our bedroom as well as a small amount to the lounge. I love wood, wild life and monochrome so this is what I am going to stick to. Doing this post is for me to stick to my theme, I end up buying all sorts of things and getting them home to realise they don't fit in. 

Ikea here I come..


January 19, 2016

3 Bloggers/ Youtubers who Inspire me..

I wanted to share with you my top five bloggers/ Youtubers that I am loving right now or have loved for many months/years. There are so many that I read but I wanted to really work it down to a few and maybe do more of these posts soon. I love doing my beauty posts but I love to add in a few more lifestyle, chatty posts. 
Hannah Maggs: I have loved Hannah for so long now, her family vlogs are amazing and make me smile every week. Even though I am 24 I find her a huge inspiration to me, she is a hard working, caring person and mother. I don't know her personally but this is what I get from her blog and vlogs, I admire her and her husbands hard work. I feel they deserve more success and more people to love them, the vlogs are insane. I wish I had her as a role model when I was younger, watching Youtube instead of looking up to the magazines.Watch the vlogs here, trust me you will fall in love with them. I am loving her new business adventure, the prints are gorgeous and her make up bag range is spot on.
Source- Hannah Maggs.
Amy Lyons:I met Amy at a blog event in Manchester and I am so pleased I did because she inspires my blog and I really enjoy reading what she writes. I read one of her blog posts and had no idea the struggle she was going through, I have so much respect for her telling us and for getting stronger. She is going from strength to strength and it makes me happy to see it. We met up again at the Cosmopolitan magazine awards, I am so proud of her. Read this blog post here, she is amazing.

Source- Amy Elizabeth Fashion
Loulabeth: I met Laura when we worked at Booths more than four years ago. We started to do our blogs at the same time and she really got me into doing mine. She always tells me to stay focused and to remember why i started when I feel low. I love reading her blog posts about beauty and her gorgeous pugs. We have the same taste in almost everything and we are both obsessed with our dogs, she understands me well. Check out Laura's blog you won't be disappointed. 
Source- Loulabeth

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite bloggers, I have loved them for years. i would like to do more posts like this because we all work so hard and its nice to share the love. Would you like to see more? 

January 18, 2016

Making A Ten Year Plan?


A couple nights ago I lay in bed thinking about life, which kept me awake for hours. Once I started I could not stop thinking about my future and all about my past. It got me thinking, do I have a ten or even five year plan? The answer to this is maybe, I have decided to sit down today and think about my plans, I want to share some with you too. Life feels a bit overwhelming at the minute, it is one big rush. 

We have recently moved into our new home, this one feels right. It feels like a home, I have not felt so relaxed in a long time. I am super excited to start making it our home, new decorations and Ikea trips. Now that we have found a home we love, I feel we can focus on other things. Like holidays, saving and maybe even getting engaged. Wow I feel like an adult, even though I look younger than I am. so here are a few things I want to work on over the next 5/10 years,,

Myself: I feel like this is now my time to shine and enjoy life, create a life of my own. I have been held back by my past but this year on wards I feel like its my time to enjoy my own family. I want to create positive memories and to enjoy my life with Rob and our dogs. I have so much going for me now, no more holding myself back. I want to be able to look after myself, eat well and be more active. I don't want to look back and think I wasted my 20's hating myself because that would be a shame.

Life: Just like my first goal I want to enjoy life, go on holidays and make memories that will last forever. Myself and Rob have been together 6 years and we are yet to go on holiday, 2016 is the year for us. We work a lot and never get to spend many days together so when we do I want to make them special.

goals: Each day/ week I want to challenge myself to something new, in 2016 I want to learn something new. I want to challenge myself and improve myself as they years go on. I turn 25 this year and I want to do something that will make a difference, small or big. dogs are a huge passion of mine so maybe I can help out a charity?

babies? My mom asks me all the time, when will I get grand children? well i have no idea, I am still a baby myself and I just know I will know when the times right. I hope to have a baby in my early 30's? I just love all the cute baby clothes, my friends need to have babies! 

Travel: I have mentioned we want to go on holiday but my main goal is to travel to Australia. i would love to be able to go out there and experience it. I would love to plan out lots of little trips too.

Blog: I want to continue this blog for years to come, I never want to give it up. My blog will always be part of my plan. i would like to think in a few years I have started a YouTube channel. I love to document on my blog, so I want to document so many stages of my life on here too. My blog is a huge part of my 10 year plan, I hope for it to be a successful business one day. Its a huge passion of mine and I am so pleased I started it four years ago.

Relationships: Me and Rob have been together for six years and we have come to the point where we are really thinking of marriage and planning out our lives. Our wedding will be in our five year plan, this makes me so happy. Rob makes me very happy, he has been there for me everyday without fail. I have lived in England for ten years and Rob has been there for me throughout the six years. 

This is a small amount of my 5/10 year plan but it felt good to type some of it out to share with you. Please let me know what you have planned and do you have any suggestions for me?


January 15, 2016

Products I'm Bringing Into 2016.

 In 2015 I had so many beauty favourites, I want to share with you my top five products that I will still be using in 2016. 2016 for me is all about my blog and trying out new products, I just want to really enjoy what I do and push myself further. I am very excited to still use the Naked 3 palette in 2016, I am in love with this palette and I can create so many looks with it.
 In 2015 I found a new skin care range that I adore, Root and flower kindly contacted me and I am so pleased they did. The cleansing butter leaves my skin so soft and the chia seed scrub is amazing. This is a new skin routine for me and I love it, it leaves my skin clear and soft. I am going to try do an order from them this year, I want to try so much more. 
 I love trying out new body scrubs, I have so many in my bathroom draws but there are two that I pick up all the time to use. First one is the African scrub from the Body Shop which was my all time favourite product from 2015 and the second is scrub of your life from Soap and Glory; I know I will still use these in 2016, which makes me excited about Summer.

Epsom is a brand that I have loved for years but I thought they only did bath salts, I was so wrong. In 2015 I found out they do soaps and hair care which is great for my hair, I have a sensitive scalp and this due has been amazing for it. I love the conditioner it leaves my hair smelling amazing, Epsom salt can heal broken skin and detox you in the bath with its salts. I am a huge fan of this brand and yet it is super simple packaging and gentle on my hair. 

What will you be bringing into 2016?


Filming With Holland & Barrett- Watch My Interview.

Last month I headed into Manchester to film with Holland and Barrett, we had so much fun. Here is the results from the day, it was the first time I have been filmed for a video so I was a little nervous. My border collie Bella had the time of her life, she was a natural in front of the camera.  This was an amazing experience and it has made me think about doing Youtube this year, lets see how it goes

 We sat down to be interviewed, this was so much fun and something completely new to me. I have been very excited to see the final video and here it is. We collaborated with Holland & Barrett, they are releasing new products to encourage us to keep our pets healthy. Bella sat on the chair for about five seconds before jumping all around the set but it was fun to be able to work with the videographers. They set me up with a microphone and it all felt surreal, I am very proud of what I can do with my blog. Let me know what you think of the video in the comments? here is the original post about my day.


January 03, 2016

Heather Caton Textiles- Portraits Of My Dogs.

 My very talented friend Heather painted amazing portraits of my dogs and a gift for my mom. The story behind the first portrait, our handsome Denver died two years ago and we adored him more than anything. I decided to ask heather is she could do a portrait of him as a gift for my moms 50th. She was more than happy to do it, when it arrived in the post I burst out crying. This was in a good way, she captured him really well in this portrait, his eyes and his face look just like him. She is very talented and I wish i was as talented as her.
 Denver was 6 when he passed away, he is my dogs dad and he was a loved family member. I wanted something my mom could keep forever and I knew this would make her cry and she did. I managed to get it on video too which was very sweet. My mom now has this in her lounge on her fire place where she can see it everyday. It brought my mom to tears, it meant so much to her.
 I managed to pick up a frame from Tesco and the painting instantly looked incredible. Heather charges really reasonable prices for this stunning art pieces. She had this painting done in a week and sent to me in the post. The detail put into the painting is beautiful, this is something as a family we will treasure for the rest of our lives. 
Here is one we ordered for a Christmas present, I told Rob I would love a portrait of my dogs so we asked heather if she could paint portraits of our dogs. I love that she added the names onto the paintings, it makes it unique and special. My paintings will be in my lounge in my new house, so excited to put them up on the wall. I have a copy of the Denver painting which I will print out to keep in our house too.

Heather made me a hand made scarf and tote bag for Christmas and I have worn it everyday since. She is one very talented lady and if you need anything unique like this she is the one to ask. She has started on her Valentines day collection so keep an eye out for that over on her Facebook or email her.

If you want to contact Heather head over to her Facebook page here.

January 02, 2016

My 2016 Goals.

I love a new year, its a fresh start to do things over and challenge yourself. This is why I love to make goals, new years resolutions to keep myself focused. I love that you get to start over in a new year no matter what. 2016 feels like its going to be a fantastic year, we are moving house next week which I am excited about, this time it feels like we are moving into our home. I've been packing non stop for about two weeks now, so much to do but its going to be worth it. By this time next week we will be in our new home, I cannot wait to start decorating it with new things and our paintings etc. If you fancy catching up on my 2015 goals they are here on this blog post.
2016 Goals:
Happiness: 2016 for me is all about being happy, letting myself relax and doing more of what makes me happy. walking my dogs for hours and enjoying time with my boyfriend. We both work long hours and we love our jobs, we are in a very happy time of our lives. 

Adventures: This year I turn 25 and would love to be able to book a holiday with Rob. Rob has never been on a holiday and I cannot wait to take him on one. Somewhere sunny so we can relax and drink cocktails. This is my main goal this year, to be able to do amazing things together.

New Home: I am super exited to start new in our new home, new space for the year and more. I hope this one feels like home, I have such a good feeling about it. I want to focus on making the house have a theme and making it feel homely. so think Ikea and H&M for home ware, new sofa and bed is first on the list. I also want to print out photographs and put them up in the house.

Health: This year I am going to make sure I do food shops and eat better. try take food to work with me to save money and make tea most nights. I want to go on runs with my dogs to wake me up in the mornings and focus on a healthy lifestyle. I would love to join a gym again, I really enjoy it.

Save: I want to be able to save for something amazing, like a holiday to Australia. Saving money is hard work but I want to get better at this.

Time: I want to manage my time better, between working full time and blogging. I love my job which I am very grateful to have. I do want to make more time for my blog and things I love to do, all I need to do is manage my time better. To do this I need to make a new routine this year and to keep focused. 

These are my main goals for the year, I don't like to put to much pressure on goals. I hope 2016 brings you all you want. Let me know your goals in the comments.

Happy New Year!
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