January 19, 2016

3 Bloggers/ Youtubers who Inspire me..

I wanted to share with you my top five bloggers/ Youtubers that I am loving right now or have loved for many months/years. There are so many that I read but I wanted to really work it down to a few and maybe do more of these posts soon. I love doing my beauty posts but I love to add in a few more lifestyle, chatty posts. 
Hannah Maggs: I have loved Hannah for so long now, her family vlogs are amazing and make me smile every week. Even though I am 24 I find her a huge inspiration to me, she is a hard working, caring person and mother. I don't know her personally but this is what I get from her blog and vlogs, I admire her and her husbands hard work. I feel they deserve more success and more people to love them, the vlogs are insane. I wish I had her as a role model when I was younger, watching Youtube instead of looking up to the magazines.Watch the vlogs here, trust me you will fall in love with them. I am loving her new business adventure, the prints are gorgeous and her make up bag range is spot on.
Source- Hannah Maggs.
Amy Lyons:I met Amy at a blog event in Manchester and I am so pleased I did because she inspires my blog and I really enjoy reading what she writes. I read one of her blog posts and had no idea the struggle she was going through, I have so much respect for her telling us and for getting stronger. She is going from strength to strength and it makes me happy to see it. We met up again at the Cosmopolitan magazine awards, I am so proud of her. Read this blog post here, she is amazing.

Source- Amy Elizabeth Fashion
Loulabeth: I met Laura when we worked at Booths more than four years ago. We started to do our blogs at the same time and she really got me into doing mine. She always tells me to stay focused and to remember why i started when I feel low. I love reading her blog posts about beauty and her gorgeous pugs. We have the same taste in almost everything and we are both obsessed with our dogs, she understands me well. Check out Laura's blog you won't be disappointed. 
Source- Loulabeth

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite bloggers, I have loved them for years. i would like to do more posts like this because we all work so hard and its nice to share the love. Would you like to see more? 

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