January 20, 2016

Decorating My New Home

As you may have read all over my Twitter I have moved house, I am so excited to finally have a house that feels like home. I love this house, its got the perfect amount of space to work with, to create a space of our own. I am a big fan of monochrome and adding in touches of colour. In my mind I have a colour palette of green,white,black and mustard yellow as you can see in most of the pictures shown. We have three bedrooms to decorate, our main room, an office and a laundry room.  I want my office to feel inspiring with beautiful framed pieces of art work, quotes. We are thinking wood with touches of colour but mainly black and white. I cannot wait to have a space to create and store all my beauty bits and bobs.

Our bedroom, I want to keep simple and somewhere I feel relaxed. No tv or distractions just a nice cosy room. Again my theme for this room will be monochrome with hints of grey and green, the green coming from my plants. I love the pop of wood in the pictures above, my theme for this room is woodland. Our bedside tables we have we are going to keep so a new bed and bed frame is needed to complete the room. Mirrors and wall art are a huge part of this room.

now the lounge is my favourite part of the house, its such an amazing space to work with. We are thinking of getting a wood coffee table and to add in pops of green and yellow. I love the look of both pictures, I want to combine them to create an amazing space to relax and watch tv. The pop of yellow is my favourite part of this style, we already started our yellow theme with a new ceiling lamp shade. We are saving to buy dark grey sofas with dark wood feet, so this is one of the most exciting projects. 

Wall art and plants are a big part of this house for me, I really want to make it feel like a home. I hope we can put up a few shelves and mirrors. The first style I would like to add to our bedroom as well as a small amount to the lounge. I love wood, wild life and monochrome so this is what I am going to stick to. Doing this post is for me to stick to my theme, I end up buying all sorts of things and getting them home to realise they don't fit in. 

Ikea here I come..



  1. I really love decorating haha, I'm rather excited for the day I get to move out and decorate my house as I want :)


  2. These look like gorgeous themes! Have fun girl! <3

  3. what a lovely space!


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