January 03, 2016

Heather Caton Textiles- Portraits Of My Dogs.

 My very talented friend Heather painted amazing portraits of my dogs and a gift for my mom. The story behind the first portrait, our handsome Denver died two years ago and we adored him more than anything. I decided to ask heather is she could do a portrait of him as a gift for my moms 50th. She was more than happy to do it, when it arrived in the post I burst out crying. This was in a good way, she captured him really well in this portrait, his eyes and his face look just like him. She is very talented and I wish i was as talented as her.
 Denver was 6 when he passed away, he is my dogs dad and he was a loved family member. I wanted something my mom could keep forever and I knew this would make her cry and she did. I managed to get it on video too which was very sweet. My mom now has this in her lounge on her fire place where she can see it everyday. It brought my mom to tears, it meant so much to her.
 I managed to pick up a frame from Tesco and the painting instantly looked incredible. Heather charges really reasonable prices for this stunning art pieces. She had this painting done in a week and sent to me in the post. The detail put into the painting is beautiful, this is something as a family we will treasure for the rest of our lives. 
Here is one we ordered for a Christmas present, I told Rob I would love a portrait of my dogs so we asked heather if she could paint portraits of our dogs. I love that she added the names onto the paintings, it makes it unique and special. My paintings will be in my lounge in my new house, so excited to put them up on the wall. I have a copy of the Denver painting which I will print out to keep in our house too.

Heather made me a hand made scarf and tote bag for Christmas and I have worn it everyday since. She is one very talented lady and if you need anything unique like this she is the one to ask. She has started on her Valentines day collection so keep an eye out for that over on her Facebook or email her.

If you want to contact Heather head over to her Facebook page here.


  1. I love them! Wow, I want one of our spaniel.

    I've just asked Heather on facebook how much they charge, would make a nice birthday present to myself I think!

  2. Those drawings are super cute and Denver is adorable :)
    Elephant stories and more

  3. Wow these are absolutely amazing! What talent x



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