January 02, 2016

My 2016 Goals.

I love a new year, its a fresh start to do things over and challenge yourself. This is why I love to make goals, new years resolutions to keep myself focused. I love that you get to start over in a new year no matter what. 2016 feels like its going to be a fantastic year, we are moving house next week which I am excited about, this time it feels like we are moving into our home. I've been packing non stop for about two weeks now, so much to do but its going to be worth it. By this time next week we will be in our new home, I cannot wait to start decorating it with new things and our paintings etc. If you fancy catching up on my 2015 goals they are here on this blog post.
2016 Goals:
Happiness: 2016 for me is all about being happy, letting myself relax and doing more of what makes me happy. walking my dogs for hours and enjoying time with my boyfriend. We both work long hours and we love our jobs, we are in a very happy time of our lives. 

Adventures: This year I turn 25 and would love to be able to book a holiday with Rob. Rob has never been on a holiday and I cannot wait to take him on one. Somewhere sunny so we can relax and drink cocktails. This is my main goal this year, to be able to do amazing things together.

New Home: I am super exited to start new in our new home, new space for the year and more. I hope this one feels like home, I have such a good feeling about it. I want to focus on making the house have a theme and making it feel homely. so think Ikea and H&M for home ware, new sofa and bed is first on the list. I also want to print out photographs and put them up in the house.

Health: This year I am going to make sure I do food shops and eat better. try take food to work with me to save money and make tea most nights. I want to go on runs with my dogs to wake me up in the mornings and focus on a healthy lifestyle. I would love to join a gym again, I really enjoy it.

Save: I want to be able to save for something amazing, like a holiday to Australia. Saving money is hard work but I want to get better at this.

Time: I want to manage my time better, between working full time and blogging. I love my job which I am very grateful to have. I do want to make more time for my blog and things I love to do, all I need to do is manage my time better. To do this I need to make a new routine this year and to keep focused. 

These are my main goals for the year, I don't like to put to much pressure on goals. I hope 2016 brings you all you want. Let me know your goals in the comments.

Happy New Year!


  1. I hope you manage to achieve everything that you set out to!

  2. Saving money IS hard work, but if you have something you want to save for it makes it easier. Make a mood board or inspiration board and every time you want to buy something, look at the board and remind yourself of why you don't need a 16th mascara or 22nd MAC lipstick :)
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