January 27, 2016

New York Big Night In With BodyForm.

 Hearing those words you have won a trip to New York is my dream come true, every girls dream come true. I have teamed up with Body Form to have a New York themed night in, this sounds perfect. I love having nights in, with dvds and chocolate, even better when it has a theme. I have always dreamed of visiting New York, it would be amazing. Body form sent me an incredible parcel, filled to the top full of goodies to have a perfect night in with friends.
 The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the chocolate pizza, I love pizza so this was great to see. On my list to do in New York would be to have a slice of pizza, so simple but would be awesome. So much thought has gone into this box, thank you Body Form for a great night in.
 I was super excited to watch Sex and the city whilst eating American chocolate, I love exploring new food in different places. I can confirm I need more American sweets and chocolates, the pretzel m&ms are perfection. 
On my to do list I would take a visit to the statue of Liberty, I have to do this before I am 30. This is a memory stick, one I can keep my blog pictures on if I take too many in New York.
 New York would not be complete without a I heart New York t shirt, I wore this as a pj top whilst watching dvds, comfy clothes are the way forward. I love the note pad to write down my to do list in New York, I really wish I could be planning our trip to New York for real. Myself and my boyfriend have been together for six years and we are yet to go on holiday together. 
 It was so much fun to have a themed night in, New York is on my list of places to visit. Body Form did a great job of helping me out with this. In the box there were bunting, confetti and lots of food and cups for drinks. This is one of the best parcels I have ever received, it was so much fun to do. The selfie stick would come in handy when traveling, i would snap away my entire trip.

Body Form.
My bucket list for new York would be:

  • Visit the statue of Liberty.
  • visit Central Park
  • The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.
  • 9/11 Memorial 
  • Manhattan Sky Line.
  • Empire State building
  • A boat tour
  • Times Square.
  • All the make up too!

Thank you to Body Form for sending me out this parcel filled with New York themed goodies, it was so much fun. New York would be an ultimate confidence booster, have you found a pink ticket in your pack? 

Dreams can come true.


  1. Omg how good does the chocolate pizza look! I'd love to go to NY one day too, I hope we both get too! <3

    L x


  2. I lovw what they sent you, and my bucket list for NYC is pretty much the same!

    Now we both just need to win..



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