February 07, 2016

Home Sense Blog Event- Love At First Find.

 On Thursday Night I headed to the Trafford Centre to meet up with Laura before the Home Sense event. We met up outside and we were met by two lovely people who set up the event, honestly it was one of the best blog events I've been to. They set up some food for us, which was great I had come straight from work. I love having blog event in Manchester, its great to have some close to home.
 How cute are these desserts, they had sandwiches and drinks ready for us which was lovely. They were so kind to give us a £25 home sense gift voucher to spend in store during the event,myself and Laura challenged each other to see what we could find.
 We were drawn in by all the flowers, we both are obsessed with home ware so this was the perfect event for us. I would love lots of fake flowers in my house along side real plants, so that I can make my house feel bright and fresh for Spring. Below I will show you what I found, I fell in love with so many things.
 I love this chair, this is the style I am looking for, for my living room. this section was one of my favourite parts of the shop, I wish my lounge had these pieces in them. The colours made the area for me, its what I want for my house. 
 Baby blue is one of the colours I know I want to work with in my house, this would have been great for my house if I could have carried it to my car. I love how different it is, in Home Sense you never know what you will find. We walked around the shop about four times to have a good look at everything. Now that I am looking at these pictures I wish I had picked up those cushions too. 

 So lets talk about what I found for my house, thank you so much for the Gift card. I found a new note pad, you can never have enough of them. I love the zebra design, Laura said that is a note pad for you!! I found this A sign for my bedroom, I think I will move it to my office when it is complete. The note pad was £3.99* and the sign was £4.99*.
 Myself and Laura found this cute mint basket, we said it would look great with Lush bath bombs in it. This was £7.99* which is a bargain. I love all the colours I found for my house and they all work really well. As we went around the store we talked about what we wanted to find, what we needed and what would work in each room. I love my vase that I found, this is in my dinning room now, the lilac shade is gorgeous. 

 This was my favourite find, I would have bought two if I could. I decided to buy one for my bedroom. This cushion was £12.99* and it works really well in our bedroom. Everything I found fits in well and they all add in something new to my house on a budget. I love Home Sense you can find some great pieces and they all seem to be a bargain. I have just moved into a new home and I am getting really into decorating it. On this cushion I love the pop of yellow, I am wanting to add in pops of colour to the room.

I had so much fun at this event, it was just what I needed to cheer me up after a long day at work. I want to thank the lovely people who set up this event, I could do it all over again. 



  1. You picked up so really lovely bits and pieces - I'm in love with the cushion, so pretty!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. I do love home sense! Seems like you had a great time x

  3. Aww I love your finds! I am uploading this weekend mines! I am glad to hear you enjoyed the event!


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