March 23, 2016

A Day Out To The Beach With The Collies.

 On Monday myself and Rob had a day off together, we decided to take the girls to the beach in Formby. It was an hour drive there and our girls were so excited. As soon as they smelt the sea air they both started to cry really loudly to get out the car. 
 It felt amazing to get some sea air in our lungs, as soon as I got home me, Juno and Bella fell asleep on the sofa. I love taking my girls out on days out because they have so much fun and I love seeing them get all muddy and enjoy themselves. It was a tad chilly but it was pleasant, I wore my new H&M jacket as per. 
Bag: Primark £5.

 I always take my camera to the beach, I tend to want to capture the good times so that we can print them out to put up in our house. Our girls are so grateful when we take them out, they become so loving after the walks. They are still so tired from the walk which is rare for border collies. 
 I am in love with this photograph of Bella, she is adorable. Her markings really stand out when I take photos of her at the beach. This is her favourite place to walk, she dives in the water. Look at that smile, it melts my heart.

 Best Friends.

I need more days like this, I am so excited for it to warm up so we can go on more days out like this. When it gets warmer Bella dives into the water and she plays for hours. We took a tennis ball and they ran for a couple hours playing really well. Juno has become such a great dog, shes grown up now and listens to everything you say. Bella really enjoys having a sister, it was the best decision ever.

I love days like this. 


March 20, 2016

March PawsomeBox 2016.

 I just want to thank Pawsomebox* for allowing me to be one of the bloggers they work with, they send me this box to spend time and enjoy opening it with my dogs. they know its for them and they really enjoy it and get so excited about it. It is special and its a time to explore new toys and treats for them. This is something I want to video for my Youtube channel when I start one soon because it is such a special moment and I want to watch it back.
 In each box you get between 7-8 products to try out, you fill in what breed you have,age etc and it allows them to create a box for you. There is a 3,6,12 month option so that you can try it out for a few months or more. This months has so many cute products in it, I love Garfield it reminds me of my childhood. 
  Bella really enjoys the toys and Juniper loves the yummy treats, Bella wants it all at one usually but she has to wait so I can photograph it. I took these photos before i headed into work this morning so I could give them the toys to play with. 
 Juniper Berry.

Here is my little blue bell enjoying her new toy, she loves this one because it crackles and she can play tug of war with it too. I love Pawsomebox* it helps us to find new toys each month and treats to keep their tails wagging. We do a lot of training so that they keep on top of high five, the treats come in handy for this. They do a cat box too which is just adorable, it makes me want to go out and rescue a little cat to treat. I have a plan for my next box, to film us opening it and uploading it to my YouTube channel for my first video. watch this space..

Use this promo code to get money off your first box UKB9GDAO 

What do you think of Pawsomebox?


March 15, 2016

Making My Own Art Work For My House.

 Recently as you may know I have been obsessed with doing up our new house with small things and furniture. We have recently done up our lounge and bedroom so we are just adding in the final touches of art work. In the lounge I want to print out my Instagram pictures and make a wall of memories along with some art pieces on other walls, I have an Instagram one coming soon for you, I have just ordered my prints. All will be reveled soon, 
 Yesturday myself and Rob popped into the new Tk Maxx in Horwich Bolton to have a mooch around to see what they had in. We love finding one of pieces or bits for each room from Home Sense or Tk Maxx. Our bedroom is botanical/ wildlife themed so we wanted some art work to add the final touches to the room. I found these 100 post cards for £7.99 and instantly knew they would be perfect. Rob agreed so when we got home we sat down on the floor and went through them all to pick out our favourites for the bedroom.
 I nearly bought the large print of the yellow and black bird from WayFair for the lounge. They have so many gorgeous prints in the box.
This is our final piece, so simple yet it fits so well in the space. We got the idea from a show set up in Ikea and knew we wanted this style of piece for the bedroom. I want to do a big YouTube video once the house is at a good point. 

Home Ware and DIY is going to be a big part of Kemples from now on, I am so happy in our new house. This house feels like a family home, somewhere we can relax after a long day at work. I am so obsessed with Ikea and finding little things that make a big difference in a space. I now have 95 other post cards left to send out or make more pieces of wall art with. I know my office pin board will have a couple on. Overall this little Diy project cost me under £20 to make, you most likely would pay more to buy it complete.

I might make my mom one too because her room is full of wild life references so she would adore it. I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, I hope to do more soon and I am currently working on spraying and painting furniture. I will do a before and after shot of this, my lounge post will be live soon and a piece will be on WayFairs site. Keep an eye out for this, let me know if you want to see more home ware posts?

March 13, 2016

Dinning Room Ideas.

 Now that I have nearly finished the lounge my next project will be the dinning room, it is need of some decor and new furniture. I love going to Ikea and having a look around at all the room set ups and bringing home a few bits to update a room. I am in love with our lounge, which I will be showing you soon. In the dinning room I would love family photos and art work, I have an idea of cosy, wildlife theme with a huge picnic style table in the middle.
 We have  a large long dinning room so a picnic style dinning table would be ideal. With cushions on one side, matching the theme of wild life. I am looking for wood the same colour as the top left picture, it would bring out light into the room. Chairs on the other side would be a lovely touch to the room, giving it different furniture to work with.
 Art work, cushions and plants are a big part of the decor. I was thinking of going with greens, whites and blacks for this room. Flowers and cacti would be a great piece to add to the room with lots of light. 

I am in love with this horse picture, this would be amazing on one of our walls, a really big canvas would add something to the room just like the left picture does. Lighting is a big part of this room, candles and floor lamps are a must. I am a big fan of browsing WayFair and Ikea for ideas. A rug under neath the dinning table would add the cosy feel to the room, not sure on the colours yet but having a pattered one would be amazing.

Last time I did this post our lounge turned out just how we wanted it, so I decided to do one for each room as I design it. Let me know what you think?


March 11, 2016

February Favourites 2016.

 This is my first favourites post of the year, I love doing them to reflect on things I have enjoyed. Over the last few months its been all about moving house and saving so now I can take a deep breath and start to relax. I am going to get back into my blog and do more beauty, home ware and lifestyle posts. I have some plans to head into London next month too so I am very excited. I wanted to start my favourites with my new purse, I am obsessed with it, it has floral sausage dogs on it. Its from George at Asda for just £5. 
 Making blog notes in my new note book has been a favourite, I have been planning blog post ideas all month in it. I got it from Home Sense in January. My Happiness planner is one of my favourite things to do everyday, it helps you take your mind off the day, relax because its all down on paper. It takes a 100 days to break a habit and I really find that this helps me. 
 I am doing a home blog post of my new lounge soon, so I won't go into too much detail. I am in love with our new chair from Ikea and our new cushions. The raccoon one is from Primark and I am in love with it. The monochrome one is from Ikea and was £12, I am obsessed with home ware. 
 I think I need to get a subscription to this magazine because I keep on buying it on my monthly shops. House Beautiful and Ideal home are great for inspiration and they look great on the coffee table. It is all about decorating my house right now, I need more art work and the next room to work on is our dinning room.
 freedom is a make up  brand I love, this is one of the first products I used from them and instantly fell in love with the shades and quality. House of Glam Dolls is a great product to use as it has multiple uses, it has lip products, highlighters, blusher and brow powders all in one palette. The peachy blusher is amazing for Spring make up looks, so excited to use more of this palette. The Pro studio Priming water is a must too, it helps to keep my make up on, you spray it before or even after you apply make up. I find it keeps my make up looking fresh all day long, even after a long day at work.
 I have been having trouble with my skin so I have been using Witch skin care products for a few months now. I have seen such an improvement, having a routine helps keep my spots at bay. They are a drug store brand that you can trust in your teen years all the way to your twenties. Along side Witch I have been using masque Bar charcoal peel off mask and it has been a miracle worker, it pulls out all the horrible things and leaves my skin feeling soft. Make sure you don't get any on your eye brows because it really sticks to your skin. I am obsessed with using it once a month to deep clean my skin, I got mine in Boots. 
 I have tried three new hair products in February and I am still using them in March. Garnier is one brand I can use on my hair, I have a sensative scalp so most hair products hurt. This one is amazing, its light and leaves my hair shiny and soft. Loreal Extraordinary Clay shampoo and conditioner work so well, I love the concept of it. Greasy hair would benefit from using these products. 
 Change from The Body Shop has been a life saver, my hands are full of cuts and dry skin from work. It has helped to make my hands look healthier again and it has a great message behind it too. For every one purchased,  £1.50 will go to help the Body Shop Foundation. They help to make change, to enrich the animals, planet, people and oceans. 
 A book I have been loving over the last few months is The Girl On The Train. I am wanting to finish it before the film comes out, sitting here on my day off reading this book makes me feel super relaxed. I am a book worm and I need some more book recommendations too. 

February was mine and Robs anniversary, we celebrated six years together which is amazing. I adore Rob and as cheesy as it sounds he is my rock, cannot wait for six plus more years with him. We decided to head over to the Trafford Centre to have a meal and shop, he got me this adorable build a bear. We watch How to train a dragon together and it is something we both love so it means a lot to me. 

What have you been loving in February?


March 06, 2016

March Goals & Catch up.

Time has flown by this year, it feels like it was Christmas last month. Over the last few months I have focused on working full time, my dogs and our new home. I am obsessed with my new house, decorating it is so much fun. On my days off I tend to focus on my dogs and cleaning the house, so it feels like catch up. My dogs are my world so we have days off together and I spoil them to long walks and cuddles. I do love a good lie in too which needs to stop, I have been sleeping so much lately which is not like me. 

each Month I love to set myself some goals, even if I don't type them down on here i like to make notes in my note books to set myself up for the Month. This month is about my new house, my dogs and my blog. I have some exciting blog posts coming soon, working with some amazing brands and it looks like I may be heading into London for an event. 


1) First of all I want to make this house a home for me and Rob, so decorating it with things we loves is a must. Ikea is our favourite thing to do on a day off together, even if we buy a couple items it changes up the room we are decorating. We have started on the lounge and its looking amazing, feeling happy. This house makes me very happy and its our home.

2) Taking time out for me is a must this month, I tend to not look after myself when I'm tired after a long week at work. So pamper sessions and making sure I eat better is a big part of this month. I am thinking of having no Chocolate until Easter Day, which is a big deal for me as I love it. Joining the local gym is on my mind too, i did so well last time.

3) Planning a holiday this month would be ideal, so that we can go away together in July or something. I need my passport sorting out first. Just planning in general is a must, I am feeling happy and this house we live in now is a big part of this. 

4) blog blog blog. my blog is something I am very proud of, so this month it is all about my blog. Attending events and making time to blog is important. I am thinking of starting my YouTube channel soon too? such as DIY, Hauls and home tours. 

5) I want to finish off some books this month too before the films come out.

What do you have planned?

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