March 23, 2016

A Day Out To The Beach With The Collies.

 On Monday myself and Rob had a day off together, we decided to take the girls to the beach in Formby. It was an hour drive there and our girls were so excited. As soon as they smelt the sea air they both started to cry really loudly to get out the car. 
 It felt amazing to get some sea air in our lungs, as soon as I got home me, Juno and Bella fell asleep on the sofa. I love taking my girls out on days out because they have so much fun and I love seeing them get all muddy and enjoy themselves. It was a tad chilly but it was pleasant, I wore my new H&M jacket as per. 
Bag: Primark £5.

 I always take my camera to the beach, I tend to want to capture the good times so that we can print them out to put up in our house. Our girls are so grateful when we take them out, they become so loving after the walks. They are still so tired from the walk which is rare for border collies. 
 I am in love with this photograph of Bella, she is adorable. Her markings really stand out when I take photos of her at the beach. This is her favourite place to walk, she dives in the water. Look at that smile, it melts my heart.

 Best Friends.

I need more days like this, I am so excited for it to warm up so we can go on more days out like this. When it gets warmer Bella dives into the water and she plays for hours. We took a tennis ball and they ran for a couple hours playing really well. Juno has become such a great dog, shes grown up now and listens to everything you say. Bella really enjoys having a sister, it was the best decision ever.

I love days like this. 


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  1. What gorgeous photos of your dogs! I'm not actually sure we've ever taken our dog to a proper beach - just to an artificial one by the resevoir in the local woods. I know she'd love the beach though. I love knowing I've given my dog a really good day out though - and your dogs look very grateful too!
    Jennifer x
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