March 06, 2016

March Goals & Catch up.

Time has flown by this year, it feels like it was Christmas last month. Over the last few months I have focused on working full time, my dogs and our new home. I am obsessed with my new house, decorating it is so much fun. On my days off I tend to focus on my dogs and cleaning the house, so it feels like catch up. My dogs are my world so we have days off together and I spoil them to long walks and cuddles. I do love a good lie in too which needs to stop, I have been sleeping so much lately which is not like me. 

each Month I love to set myself some goals, even if I don't type them down on here i like to make notes in my note books to set myself up for the Month. This month is about my new house, my dogs and my blog. I have some exciting blog posts coming soon, working with some amazing brands and it looks like I may be heading into London for an event. 


1) First of all I want to make this house a home for me and Rob, so decorating it with things we loves is a must. Ikea is our favourite thing to do on a day off together, even if we buy a couple items it changes up the room we are decorating. We have started on the lounge and its looking amazing, feeling happy. This house makes me very happy and its our home.

2) Taking time out for me is a must this month, I tend to not look after myself when I'm tired after a long week at work. So pamper sessions and making sure I eat better is a big part of this month. I am thinking of having no Chocolate until Easter Day, which is a big deal for me as I love it. Joining the local gym is on my mind too, i did so well last time.

3) Planning a holiday this month would be ideal, so that we can go away together in July or something. I need my passport sorting out first. Just planning in general is a must, I am feeling happy and this house we live in now is a big part of this. 

4) blog blog blog. my blog is something I am very proud of, so this month it is all about my blog. Attending events and making time to blog is important. I am thinking of starting my YouTube channel soon too? such as DIY, Hauls and home tours. 

5) I want to finish off some books this month too before the films come out.

What do you have planned?


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