March 20, 2016

March PawsomeBox 2016.

 I just want to thank Pawsomebox* for allowing me to be one of the bloggers they work with, they send me this box to spend time and enjoy opening it with my dogs. they know its for them and they really enjoy it and get so excited about it. It is special and its a time to explore new toys and treats for them. This is something I want to video for my Youtube channel when I start one soon because it is such a special moment and I want to watch it back.
 In each box you get between 7-8 products to try out, you fill in what breed you have,age etc and it allows them to create a box for you. There is a 3,6,12 month option so that you can try it out for a few months or more. This months has so many cute products in it, I love Garfield it reminds me of my childhood. 
  Bella really enjoys the toys and Juniper loves the yummy treats, Bella wants it all at one usually but she has to wait so I can photograph it. I took these photos before i headed into work this morning so I could give them the toys to play with. 
 Juniper Berry.

Here is my little blue bell enjoying her new toy, she loves this one because it crackles and she can play tug of war with it too. I love Pawsomebox* it helps us to find new toys each month and treats to keep their tails wagging. We do a lot of training so that they keep on top of high five, the treats come in handy for this. They do a cat box too which is just adorable, it makes me want to go out and rescue a little cat to treat. I have a plan for my next box, to film us opening it and uploading it to my YouTube channel for my first video. watch this space..

Use this promo code to get money off your first box UKB9GDAO 

What do you think of Pawsomebox?


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