April 30, 2016

My 25th Birthday Wish List.

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I turn 25 on the 29th May and I am excited for my week off work, its a much needed rest. I am looking forward to spending time with my dogs,Rob and my mom that week. This is just a wish list on things I like at the minute, I don't expect to get any of these things for my birthday. I am happy to have a small meal out with rob and a long walk on the beach with my dogs. 

On my wish list would be a set up to start my own YouTube adventure, I have been wanting to start a channel for years now and I feel like this is the time to start. I want to video more of my life to keep safe, even if I don't put in online. My office needs doing up and I am excited to start decorating it with Ikea etc stuff. This is the desk I have my eye on, when I get my bonus in June I'm going to kit out my office.

A ring light would be great to have to hand to make my lighting better, I have a degree in photography so I want to start out with the equipment to help with the lighting etc otherwise it would drive me crazy. I am so excited to start and see how I get on. 

This ring from Pandora is on my wish list, I am a big fan of rings from them. I have two from Rob so far and it would be lovely to get this one for my birthday. I just want a day of rest, cake and time with my family.

The vlogging camera would be amazing, to start filming my dogs and life to keep safe. I love that it has a screen to turn around so you can see what you are filming. An Ipod in rose gold for my car would be amazing but I don't mind using my phone. 


April 29, 2016

Reacting To My Baby Videos From 1991.

 There has been a huge part of my life missing from when I moved away from South Africa and that is photographs, memories of my dad and me as a baby. We could not bring all our photos with us because of the weight in the suitcases which upset me and still does. All those memories gone,forever that you cannot get back. I so wish I could, it would make my life. I grew up In south Africa with my dads side of the family and my mom. I lived there for 15 years before moving back to England with my brother and my mom.
 I could not wait to receive my dvds in the post from my moms tapes, which she kept for years and recently nearly threw them away. I am so pleased she didn't because these tapes mean so much to me. I'm not ready for a baby but seeing my mom at 26 (i'm 25 next month) which is close to my age with me as a baby has made me feel so emotional. Look at me its so weird to watch me on the tv as a 5 month old baby and me being 24. 
 My mom is the best she has been through so much that I really admire her for. My dad was violent to her and he was an alcoholic for years. Over the next ten years I saw so much violence towards my mom and so much alcohol which is why I think I don't drink. My dad ended up in cells for beating up my mom many times and he ended up in A&E more times than I can count on my fingers. Saying this I remember some good memories of my dad which are slowly fading because i've not seen him for 15 years. I recently saw a photo of him and to me looks like a stranger which hurt my heart more than anything. 
 What made me happy about these videos I could see my granddad who was the love of our family and he adored me, my mom and my brother. He died when I was 7 or 8 and it broke my heart. Seeing him so well in the videos made me so happy, I can keep these dvds for life with his face in them. I grew up in my grandparents house for years, i used to visit every week many times and we would play scrabble and play in the garden with their dogs. In this photo I am wearing my dad hat which I remember him keeping for years.
 This is my granddad he was amazing and a person who was a big part of my childhood and I will never forget him. Having this photo/ footage of him is everything to me. Rob says he looks like he could be in a bond film which made me laugh because he would be perfect as he always dressed smart. 
 The person on the right is my dad, I only have one picture of him and thats  me and him just after I was born. This is how I remember him and I wish he took a different path for himself, I do worry about him still. I was a twin, my sister died an hour after birth so I also wonder what it would have been like if she was here, I wish she was. Bbqs are a big part of being a south African, I grew up on them when we sat outside in the beautiful sunshine. My dad always wore polo shirts and shorts so this photo to me is him.
 My grandparents 
 I'm not ready for a baby but seeing my mom with me makes me wonder when is it time for me to have my own children. Seeing my footage of being a baby is so special, when I have children I want to record them for them to have something special to keep. It means so much to me even though this is only an hour or so long film. The Michalaks are doing an amazing thing for their son, i cannot imagine what he would do when he sees all the footage when he grows up. Its something so special, to have forever to keep. 

This is my mom at the age of 26, she is stunning. I sent her this picture and she is so shocked how much was on the tapes. She is my rock and always will be, she has gone through so much and deserves all the best in her life now. I am so happy to have this footage of her hugging and kissing me. She holds me so tight, like she won't ever let me get hurt. 

I have to admit it hurts me even more now that my dad left us, my mom leaving his abuse was needed she is amazing and such a kind person. So the memories hurt me more than ever these days than it did as a child. It almost ruined my childhood, no child should see their mom get beat black and blue or even go through depression. There were happy times its just so hard to see them through so much pain so having the footage of my family at a bbq having fun is something to treasure. This has helped me try move on from the past, this is my time to enjoy my family, my mom, brother and to make my life better. We as a family are strong to get through so much in our past, we work hard and we are kind. 

Seeing some small footage of my dad means I can remember his face, some good times because alcohol is a demon it takes over and  he was addicted to it. I never thought that he was a bad person, he was struggling and I wish him the best for years to come. 

Before I ramble on I want to say thank you if you read this and thanks for all the support you give my blog. My blog is my rock and it helps me get feeling out like this and to create happy memories. This has encouraged me to start filming my dogs and one day my own children, so I have memories like this too.


April 24, 2016

Jord Wood Watches Spring Collection.

 There is nothing better than owning a beautiful watch that goes with all of your outfits and stands out as its own piece. I am a huge fan of Jord wood watches and I am so  pleased I am able to work with such a great company, who are very nice to talk to over email. The first time I saw the Jord watches I was blown away and that was just looking at them online but in person they are gorgeous. I was kindly gifted this stunning watch, I wear it almost everyday.
 The watch comes in a beautiful hand crafted wood box, when you open it your watch is on a Jord cushion. What I love about this is that it has the wow factor, imagine gifting this to your boyfriend, girlfriend or even parents. The impact it would have is insane, this watch is from the Spring collection. It is called the Ely Red sandalwood $129*

 I am so pleased the sunshine has started to show itself here in England and it is the perfect time to change up your style. I tend to wear black and white stripes with jeans all the time so in Spring my goal is to change it up a little. This watch has helped transform my accessories because I love simple but gorgeous pieces on. I am obsessed with the colour of this wood, it is a me watch and everyone I show it to are amazed by it.
I am amazed by the craftsman ship of Jord Watches, they are worked to perfection and each one is as unique as the next. Imagine getting this for a big birthday or even as a graduation gift. It will be a piece that would last in your wardrobe for years to come and something that could be passed down in the family. It is stunning, every time I put it on my wrist I am blown away by it. 

I have an exclusive gift card for you guys so head over to this link here to redeem yours. There are a limited amount for you to receive $25 off your next watch. 

The watches would make a great anniversary, birthday, graduation gift and it has that wow factor to it. From opening up the box to the watch. My boyfriend is obsessed with his Jord watch, our family and friends are amazed by Jord too. I could see my boyfriend and myself collecting these watches and it is not very often we have the same taste in watches so these are extra special.

Head over to the Jord website to see more of the collection.


April 20, 2016

April PawsomeBox Review.

 I am very lucky to be able to work with Pawsomebox because my dogs love it and its a great way to bond with my dogs. They know this box is for them when it arrives, I need to photograph it straight away because they steal the toys out of it as soon as I open it. If I leave it on the side, something will always go missing. Juniper once took a new toy and put an old one back in the box, she is too clever for her own good.
 One of the best things about trying out the box is that there is always new treats to try out which means the treat box is always full for them. I love the variety in the box, it keeps my dogs treats and toys varied. They loved these mini bites they do so many tricks to get one, such good girls. 
In each box you get between 5-6 products and in each box there is always something new and different. Every single box comes with good quality products, I work full time for a very well know pet store and I am very into my dog nutrition and knowledge. In the box you get a booklet to let you know all about what is in your box and more.
Bella is very protective over the PawsomeBox, she makes sure she never misses out on anything out of it. Promise I share it between them both, Juno loves the toys and Bell loves all the tasty treats. The team select the best products for your pooch, you let them know in a form on the website what dog you have, names and how big they are. Easy and pain free process and when the box arrives it is so exciting. 

I have a special code for you to have £5 off your next box, the code is ukb9gdao.
Let me know if you order one and let me know what your pooch thinks of it. 


April 19, 2016

Beauty products I am Loving..

 Lately I have been trying to perfect my make up routine to make my skin look fresh all ready for Spring. I attended a Witch skin care event a few weeks back now and was shown how to do a fresh make up look, which I am obsessed with for my everyday look. I feel like it was great to be shown how to wear make up but make it look like clear fresh skin, which is what I love but I always apply too much make up. I want to share with you a few products I have been loving, plus it has been a while since I have done a beauty post. I have been loving my lifestyle posts. 
 Fresh, clear spring make up is all thanks to this product, it is a new release from Witch. I have been using for about two weeks now, everyday and I find it leaves my skin soft and the application of my make up is great. This is what I have been missing to create a soft, clear skin make up look. I love the formulation of it, it is really cooling on the skin and dries fast. I apply this everyday before I start my make up. I'm going to need to invest in some more, I love it. It evens out my skin tone and it holds my make up in place for hours on end for work. It also helps to prevent new spots which is fab, Witch skin care is 90% of my skin care right now and I am loving it. 
 I am a huge Collection fan, I use the concealer every day and I buy so many. This blush stick is my new favourite from them. It is easy to layer colour on and so easy to blend. It is perfect for Spring make up looks, you can put on as much as you want. This shade is Tickled Pink, perfect for my skin tone. I am loving pink lips and cheeks at the minute. I blend it in with my finger tips up along my cheek bones and towards my hair line. 
 Now this product has been a new addition to my make up bag for over a month now and I am obsessed with it. It has changed how I feel about a little bit of contour and the colours on my skin are perfect. I love the blush, again perfect for Spring/ Summer and so easy to apply. I love the soft shimmer powder, it adds in the right amount of glow. On the back it shows you how to use the product which is fab. The shading powder is the perfect shade for me to try out contouring. 
 I am a big fan of trying out new mascaras, I love big dark eye lashes for my make up looks. This one does exactly that and it leaves my eyes looking more awake when I start work early. It leaves my eye lashes spread out evenly without clumping, the only thing I dislike for me it takes too long to dry and it prints on to my face with the slightest touch or movement but I still use it I am just extra careful with this one. It is a great product though and it does what it says it will. 

As I said before about the blush stick I am a big fan of Collection and again this product is something I have been wanting to try out. I received it in a goodie bag, yet again the Ochre shade is my favourite, all of them are bendable and easy to work with each other.  Cheap yet it works really well, so pleased with my make up bag at the minute.

What have you been loving?


April 11, 2016

Shopping The Sales Online.

 I'm not one to treat myself to a new handbag unless its from Primark, due to feeling guilty on splurging. I feel very lucky to be able to work with Love The Sales to make my dream bag a reality. This beauty is from Topshop that would have cost £55 but it actually cost £39*. Such a bargain for a bag I adore, I am so in love with how simple it is but dreamy.

 The gold hardware on this bag is what I adore about it, its simple but so effective. The bag zips up but has a buckle that goes over the top to clip over. There is a strap that comes with the bag to make it easy to wear over your shoulder. I love to take  this off sometimes so that I can dress it up. 

I love to shop in the sales but the Topshop sale is one where I love to find a bargain as a treat. I love the size of this bag, you can fit a lot in it but it doesn't feel bulky. Its stylish and looks great with all my outfits so I don't have to worry about that. I love the material used inside the handbag, its not over powering and I love the detail it adds to the bag.

Everyone I have shown this bag to has loved it, its simple but lovely. It was great as a sale bargain too, I've not stopped using it since it arrived in the post. I even took it with me to London and it held all the things I needed like my purse, phone and cameras for a blog event. It was easy to carry and I didn't feel bogged down with heavy things, it made it super easy.

Love the sales is new to me, it has so many amazing things on it. Such as bags, dresses and mens wear, I love a good bargain. You can shop by brand or have a mooch, I am so pleased with my find.

What do you think of this Topshop bag?


April 09, 2016

Witch Skin Care Product Launch In London.

 A week today I headed into London for the Witch Skin care product launch blog event. I had so much fun meeting the team and meeting new bloggers. It was Witch 50th anniversary and they were launching two new exclusive products that I can now reveal today,so keep reading for more information on them. I want to say a big thank you to Witch for inviting me down to London for the day, I had so much fun.
 Witch is a skin care brand I used in my teen years but for the past two years I have been using it and I am now 24. I love how you can make a simple night time routine with a few products and it works to clear my skin. It is very gentle and keeps my skin at bay just like it did in my teen years. The over night serum is my go to product from Witch, you need to try it.
 The location of the blog event was gorgeous, they rented out a house in Notting Hill which was amazing. The house was my dream home in London, it was sunny and a great day to be there. Witch had so many fun activities to do and it felt relaxed. 

 To start of the event we looked at the new products and what they would do for our skin. The micella water will be sold in Boots and the day primer clearing serum in Superdrug. I am a big fan of the overnight clearing serum so I was excited to hear about the primer. I have used both products all week and I can confirm they are great, the primer is perfection.
 We got to make flower crowns which was so relaxing, sat by the garden with the sun shinning outside. I enjoyed making my flower crown and it was great to sit and have a chat with the other bloggers who I adore. Below is my flower crown which only took an hour or so to make. I really enjoyed this activity which was new to use all. 
 The cake from Hummingbird bakery was just so tasty, I managed to ask for a second piece for the train home. I enjoyed the day and it was great to meet the girls who email me and I am a huge fan of Witch skin care.
 The goodie bag is so cute, in each bag we had our initial on a make up bag which makes it very special. Some collection products to try and some tasty Laduree macaroons in the colours of Witch skin care. 

So we can now share with you the new products from Witch Skin care. A micella water and a day primer clearing serum which is awesome. They have a night clearing serum so bringing out the day one is perfect. The micella water will be in Boots and the clearing serum in Superdrug. At the event we got our make up done and the make up artist used both products to take of our make up and re do it. she was great, I now know how to make my skin look fresh without using too much make up. 

What do you think of the new products?

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