April 20, 2016

April PawsomeBox Review.

 I am very lucky to be able to work with Pawsomebox because my dogs love it and its a great way to bond with my dogs. They know this box is for them when it arrives, I need to photograph it straight away because they steal the toys out of it as soon as I open it. If I leave it on the side, something will always go missing. Juniper once took a new toy and put an old one back in the box, she is too clever for her own good.
 One of the best things about trying out the box is that there is always new treats to try out which means the treat box is always full for them. I love the variety in the box, it keeps my dogs treats and toys varied. They loved these mini bites they do so many tricks to get one, such good girls. 
In each box you get between 5-6 products and in each box there is always something new and different. Every single box comes with good quality products, I work full time for a very well know pet store and I am very into my dog nutrition and knowledge. In the box you get a booklet to let you know all about what is in your box and more.
Bella is very protective over the PawsomeBox, she makes sure she never misses out on anything out of it. Promise I share it between them both, Juno loves the toys and Bell loves all the tasty treats. The team select the best products for your pooch, you let them know in a form on the website what dog you have, names and how big they are. Easy and pain free process and when the box arrives it is so exciting. 

I have a special code for you to have £5 off your next box, the code is ukb9gdao.
Let me know if you order one and let me know what your pooch thinks of it. 


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  1. Lovely post! I love these boxes too except I get the purrfect box and you're so right! It's such a lovely way to bond with your pet.



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