April 01, 2016

LALALAB Instagram Prints.

 I found out about LalaLab over on Instagram, I instantly knew I wanted to order my own images. I am a huge fan of Instagram and I never seem to print out my photographs. Moving into my new house I knew I wanted to print more images to make a wall full of family photos. This app seemed perfect to achieve this, I love that they come in this gorgeous box that you could keep all the images in safe.
 As you may know I am obsessed with my gorgeous dogs so over on my Instagram I love to take photos of them. They are my life so having some beautiful pictures of them makes me happy, I cannot wait to hang them up in my lounge/ office/ dinning room. 
 You can pick different sizes but I decided to go for the Polaroid style. I love how vintage they look , each print looks bright and perfect. You can add in text to the bottom of the photograph which I love because you can add in dates or where you were that day.

I added in some text to the images, like my guinea pigs name Piglet and Juniper Berry my border collie. I cannot wait to start my wall full of these images, I think in little square frames these would look super cute and stand out. I want to be able to have my social media for years to come but having something printed feels just that extra special. I want to be able to share with my children one day my amazing animals and pictures of me and Rob.

How cute are these prints?


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