April 30, 2016

My 25th Birthday Wish List.

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I turn 25 on the 29th May and I am excited for my week off work, its a much needed rest. I am looking forward to spending time with my dogs,Rob and my mom that week. This is just a wish list on things I like at the minute, I don't expect to get any of these things for my birthday. I am happy to have a small meal out with rob and a long walk on the beach with my dogs. 

On my wish list would be a set up to start my own YouTube adventure, I have been wanting to start a channel for years now and I feel like this is the time to start. I want to video more of my life to keep safe, even if I don't put in online. My office needs doing up and I am excited to start decorating it with Ikea etc stuff. This is the desk I have my eye on, when I get my bonus in June I'm going to kit out my office.

A ring light would be great to have to hand to make my lighting better, I have a degree in photography so I want to start out with the equipment to help with the lighting etc otherwise it would drive me crazy. I am so excited to start and see how I get on. 

This ring from Pandora is on my wish list, I am a big fan of rings from them. I have two from Rob so far and it would be lovely to get this one for my birthday. I just want a day of rest, cake and time with my family.

The vlogging camera would be amazing, to start filming my dogs and life to keep safe. I love that it has a screen to turn around so you can see what you are filming. An Ipod in rose gold for my car would be amazing but I don't mind using my phone. 


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  1. I have that desk and I totally recommend it. It has so much surface space, and the drawers are a really good size. I used one for stationary and other random bits and the other for all my makeup, because my desk doubles as a vanity.

    Lauren | Dose of Wardrobe


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