April 11, 2016

Shopping The Sales Online.

 I'm not one to treat myself to a new handbag unless its from Primark, due to feeling guilty on splurging. I feel very lucky to be able to work with Love The Sales to make my dream bag a reality. This beauty is from Topshop that would have cost £55 but it actually cost £39*. Such a bargain for a bag I adore, I am so in love with how simple it is but dreamy.

 The gold hardware on this bag is what I adore about it, its simple but so effective. The bag zips up but has a buckle that goes over the top to clip over. There is a strap that comes with the bag to make it easy to wear over your shoulder. I love to take  this off sometimes so that I can dress it up. 

I love to shop in the sales but the Topshop sale is one where I love to find a bargain as a treat. I love the size of this bag, you can fit a lot in it but it doesn't feel bulky. Its stylish and looks great with all my outfits so I don't have to worry about that. I love the material used inside the handbag, its not over powering and I love the detail it adds to the bag.

Everyone I have shown this bag to has loved it, its simple but lovely. It was great as a sale bargain too, I've not stopped using it since it arrived in the post. I even took it with me to London and it held all the things I needed like my purse, phone and cameras for a blog event. It was easy to carry and I didn't feel bogged down with heavy things, it made it super easy.

Love the sales is new to me, it has so many amazing things on it. Such as bags, dresses and mens wear, I love a good bargain. You can shop by brand or have a mooch, I am so pleased with my find.

What do you think of this Topshop bag?


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