May 27, 2016

Heather Caton Textiles, Make Up Bags & More.

 This is a gorgeous birthday gift I received early from my lovely friend Heather when we went home ware shopping and a good old catch up on Thursday. I wish I was as talented as Heather, she paints, draws and creates like a dream. I've know Heather for about 6/7 years, we met at college when we both started our Art and Design course. It was the best three years of my life and we had so much fun. In college Heather created things that blew my mind every single time, she is super talented. 

 Heather has started her own business which is amazing because her talent must not go to waste, she needs to show the world what she can do. In January she created two paintings for me of my dogs and I cried, they are stunning. One talented lady right here and its important to support your friends and their new businesses. I wish her all the best and I wanted to share with you here talent. 
 First of all the prints on her products are amazing, they represent her as well which makes it special. Lancashire and tea is what I think of when I see some of the designs, they are dainty and special. True northern girl which is what I just adore about my little Heather and her talent is incredible. This is a little compact mirror to go along side the vanity bag.
 Everything about the products are great, the quality and the finished product is beautiful. I am so excited to put in some make up bits in my new bag or I might keep it in my hand bag with the little mirror and some lip products stored inside because I want to show it off.
Home Sense.
We had a great afternoon catching up over hot chocolate and browsing Home Sense. It has become our meet up place and I adore this. We had a look around the whole shop and discussed what we want to do with our house and our dreams. Having a friend like heather is important, no matter how busy life gets shes still there for me. Please head over to her Facebook page and give her business some love, she really deserves all the success in life. 

Heather Caton textiles


  1. I need that marble notebook, and the print of the bag is just gorgeous!

  2. I love the pretty prints for spring and summer and I wish I was this talented! x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture


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