May 31, 2016

PawsomeBox May 2016.

 This is my first blog post on my new iMac, I am so excited that I now have a little office space that is dedicated to my blog. I already feel more motivated and excited for my blogs future. I am wanting to do a video to go alongside this blog post showing you the box properly and my dogs reactions to each product so as soon as I have my lighting and stuff sorted keep an eye out for that. Just want to say a huge thank you to Pawsomebox* for sending me the May box, this is our favourite post to talk about, we have so much fun.

 In each box you get between 5-6 items to try, ranging from toys to treats. My dogs love all the treats that smell amazing, they want to eat them all at once. Bella is a huge fan of cuddly soft toys in the box and Juniper loves the squeaky toys. The new design is so nice, I prefer it to the old design, its such a great size box and you get to try so many new products. 
 What i love about PawsomeBox is that you let them know what type of dog you have, size, age and they make the box to suit your dogs. This is great as I find we use every single product in the box and nothing goes to waste. They were so kind and sent me the French box too, so we now have matching leads and more toys to play with. 
 In the May box we got so many amazing toys, balls and soft toys. The popcorn went down so well, they try and steal my popcorn so its nice to have there very own. Juno and bell love to play with tennis balls, so this new ball will go down a treat, they tried stealing it as soon as they saw it. 

 My girls are such posers, as soon as I put the box on the bed both sat so well next to it. I am in love with my girls they are my world so being able to treat them with a gift each month is the best, thank you PawsomeBox*. 
I love this photo of Juniper posing it up with her new squeaky toy, its so cute with the woof woof text on it. My girls treat their toys well so we have a full toy box for them. We can change up the toys so they don't get bored. This is a great box to have, I work for a very well known pet shop in the UK and I find having the toys for stimulation is very important, more important with my border collies because they get bored so quickly. The treats keep our treat jar full so that they do all their tricks for them, it keeps them happy. I am a big fan of this box and highly recommend it, they also do a box for the cats out there too. 

The value of toys and treats you get are amazing, you would pay more for each one individually in a shop. My girls know this is for them when it arrives we have so much fun opening it together, if you want to see us opening it head over to my Snap Chat ( abikempen ) 

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