June 14, 2016

A Day Out In London With Loulabeth & Lulu Pug.

 One of the things I love about blogging is the people you meet, you have so much in common and you get one instantly. I love how lovely the community is and it makes blogging even more fun. Myself and Laura have been friends for about 6 years or so now, we met working on the deli counter at Booths and instantly became friends. Years later we are blogging and going on amazing trips together.

 It was a beautiful sunny day in London to have a walk around Chelsea and take some blog photos. I am so new to the outfit posing but at least I tried, which is amazing for me. I would love to do more outfit posts and also get my hair done soon. I can't get over how beautiful the buildings are in this area, so blog photo ready.

 This is me doing one of my first ever on location outfit posing, which was so much fun even though I had no idea how to stand as soon as the camera pointed my way. I really enjoyed our day walking around London and going to press days and lunch with fellow bloggers/ YouTubers. 
 I am wearing a Primark top that I got just for the press day and day out in London, we popped into the massive Primark, which blew me away. I wanted everything. This top was only £8 which is a bargain. I wore it to the blogosphere cover reveal party, Thomas Sabo event and a Primark press day so it really sorted me out for all the events. 
 Top: Primark £8.

Bracelet  Thomas Sabo*

I also want to say a big thank you to my friend Grace, who let me stay at hers so last minute. it was so nice to catch up over old times and to see each other. We met in college and we had so much fun together there, so it was amazing to see her again. On the train down I was so exited about seeing her and it just felt like old times which is great, you know you have a fab friend when that happens.

It was so lovely to have a blog day with Laura, we really enjoyed our time in London and we hope to be able to do it more. It all felt so surreal and I really enjoyed myself. heres to more exciting times with our blogs. 

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