June 03, 2016

June Thoughts.

May was a fun and really upsetting month for me as you may see on my Twitter my mom has to re home my child hood dog Jessica which breaks my heart. On the other end it was my 25th birthday which I enjoyed with a week off work. I am now so tired and struggling to get back to my routine but it will come back fast i'm sure. After such an up and down month I am in need of some relaxation and fun this June. 

Blog Events: This month I am so excited to attend some blog event in London next week. I will take lots of pictures for my blog too. I am attending the Blogosphere Magazine issue launch with Laura and the next day a day of fun in London. So June is a month all about my blog, which sits in the background when I work full time. I've got so many ideas for blog posts coming soon.

YouTube: As I type this I have filmed and edited my first ever video, I am so excited to show you. It's not perfect but its a chance to expand my audience for my blog and make new exciting content. I am investing in some lighting because as a photography graduate I need to make my lighting better. It was fun filming the video but I am so nervous about showing it to people, my hair looks a mess but I think I will get there with editing and making myself look presentable enough for filming. Anyway rant over it was fun and I am excited to do more in the future.

Health: I'm not feeling the best so a new change in diet needs to happen, more fruit and veg. I need to meal plan for work dinners which is what my issue is. I want to re join the gym and go on more long walks during the week. This is just to keep me healthy and my mind, I feel so much better when I look after myself.

Relax: On my days off I clean the house and do all sorts of jobs but I need to remember I have to take time out to relax and enjoy the day off. 

So May was so upsetting for me so bring on a positive June. I am so excited to go to London and bring more content to you. Thank you for all your support, it means so much to me. 

What are your goals for June?


  1. I really like posts like this! I'm hoping to eat a lot more healthy this month, and I definitely want to step up when it comes to my blog :)


  2. Can't wait to see your YouTube videos!

    1. I've upload one, its a practise one about my dogs pawsomebox xx


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