June 22, 2016

Mini Boots Haul & More.

So I have started my very own YouTube channel, I have wanted to expand my blog for a very long time and felt I needed to wait for a little while because of content and maybe my confidence. A few weeks back I thought to myself why the hell not, so I just sat down in front of my camera and filmed. 

I really enjoy the editing, filming and I hope to get better and better. Next time I am filming a Primark haul, I am about to get ready to go pick up some new things and have a day out.

Please let me know what you think of my second video in the comments or leave a comment below my video. Please subscribe it would make my day and I am excited to start my new journey on YouTube. I am investing in some lighting very soon so that I can film in my office and I have noted down so many ideas for videos. 

This one is all about what I purchased in The Trafford Centre on Monday, I bought a few new things from Boots, Debenhams and HomeSense. I will be doing some blog posts on the items too.

Please Subscribe here. 

Speak soon.


  1. Congratulations on your YT channel!


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