June 28, 2016

PawsomeBox June 2016.

 As you may know by now I am a huge fan of PawsomeBox and I really enjoy working with them on photographs and reviews. When this box arrives in the post my dogs go mad for it, it is a time for us to bond and enjoy opening the box together. Each month there is something new to try and my dogs love the new toys.

 In this months box you get a cute pink sheep, which Bella is obsessed with. Its almost too cute to give to her, luckily they do look after the toys. In the box there are Mutt & Jeff treats and some port chews which has gone down really well. 
 A cute little booklet comes in the box each months to let you know about all things dog, I love this addition to the box. Hoping one day for my girls to be on the cover right? my little super stars!
 As soon as I set up the box on the table Bella was straight infant of the camera, she knows the rules. Pose first and you then can have anything in the box. This is one of my favourite blog posts to write, it is so much fun.
 cute sheep toy!
 Juniper Berry.
All you have to do is complete your dogs profile on the website, so let them know if you have a small, medium or large dog. They ask for the age which is very important depending on what treats your puppy can have. Once you have completed the profile you choose a plan that would suit you. Then all you have to do is wait for the post man to arrive and trust me its so worth it. We have so much fun opening this box together, I can't start to explain how much my dogs mean to me and to see them happy with treats and toys makes my day and theirs.

You can take a look at previous boxes to get an idea of what they do here.
We love Pawsomebox!!

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  1. I want to get a dog just so that I can get this now! haha x


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