June 13, 2016

Primark A/W Press Day 2016.

 So last week I was lucky enough to attend the Primark AW press day in London with Laura, BeccaRose and Just Jodes. We arrived and all the ladies from primark were all so welcoming, the location was amazing and the set up of everything was what dreams are made of. I instantly started to take pictures on my camera and Instagram, I am a huge fan of Primark so this felt surreal. 

 The first items I came across were these amazing shoes, perfect for Christmas parties and events in the Autumn/ winter. I am all for burgundy and a little bit of animal print. These would jazz up a simple outfit which is what I love to do. It feels weird thinking about Autumn/ Winter but this year is flying by.
 I need all the clothes, primark have this season coming on point as per usual. I spotted so many clothes I need in my life. I am so excited to see them all in shops, I love all the denim and the badges sown onto the clothes. Reminds me of my childhood which is fab. I think I am defiantly picking up this little denim jacket piece as soon as it hits stores.

 I love all the nods to Disney and this bag is what dreams are made of for Christmas and Winter parties. It is such an amazing statement piece that I'm sure will be very popular this year.
 What I am really impressed by is the Primark make up, it has come on leaps and bounds in the last year. I want all the amazing make up brush sets and there are so many gorgeous rose gold pieces in there. I am looking forward to trying out the foundations too, all the packaging is so lovely and would make great Instagram photos. head over to mine (abikempen) to see the rose gold make up brushes.
 Great lighting makes a selfie outstanding!
 More gorgeous make up!!

 I was so excited I didn't manage to eat anything from the buffet set out for us, look at the bagels. They look incredible and I wish I tried one when I was there. I did try the smoothies and they were amazing, perfect on the hot day we had in London. 

 The venue had incredible lighting, look at this beautiful window set up. It was a dream to photograph in this venue for my blog pictures. Everything was white and clean with rose gold hints, the railings that the cloths hung on were stunning. 

 Now lets get onto my favourite part, the home ware. i am dying to get hold of all the items for my home. I loved all the pineapple fairy lights and the bits and bobs that would make a home/ office gorgeous. I loved that Lulu pug who belongs to Laura stole the show, she was so good. 
 these are on my list to buy!

 Cactus candles.* Love heart eyes inserted here*

It was a beautiful sunny day to attend this event and I have to say it is one of the best I have ever attended. I am so happy to have had the chance to attend, it makes me want to push my blog further because it reminded me how much I adore my space on the internet. I made new friends who were so lovely, I love when you watch people on Youtube and they are the same in real life if not nicer. We then went on to have lunch with Jodie and Becca which was  lovely.

Let me know what you think of the A/W pieces from Primark. 


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