July 09, 2016

By Terry Limited Edition Lipsticks.

I've been blogging for just over four years now and I had one of those moments where I felt so proud of myself and it was all down to these lipsticks. I am so grateful when I receive products in the post, when these beauties arrived I was so happy. I have never been able to just go and buy high end make up because of well, life. So being able to test out some By Terry products for my blog felt incredible, yes its the small things like this that make me happy. 

Lets start of with the packaging, can lipsticks get any more beautiful? I have never been able to try out products from By Terry* and this is super exciting for me, promise you they are just as wonderful as I expected. When the parcel arrived I could not get over how stunning the gold packaging was. 
The click of the lid is everything to me on this packaging, it is amazing quality that I have never experienced in a lipstick before. I love the smell of the lipsticks, they smell like Summer. I have three shades to try out, Pink Up is my favourite yet all three are so easy to wear. At first I though Zest Up would not be a shade I would wear but I was so wrong. 
They are a pure concentrate of hyaluronic acid, they melt onto your lips just like a balm would, they feel moisturising and soft on your lips. I love that they fill in the wrinkles on your lips, boosting and plumping them up ready for some amazing summer make up looks. I love lip products that give you volume, they have a glossy sheen to them too which is what I love about them. So easy to wear for a Spring/ Summer look, I promise to do one on my YouTube channel or as a blog post soon.

I love that they are build able, you can have a soft day look and build it up for a night look. So easy to blend, use and they leave your lips feeling great. Honestly so pleased I am able to try out the lipsticks, Zest shot is a shade I never would have considered yet I am in love with it.

Non transfer which is great because as the day goes on the colour still looks great after fading slightly. They will take pride of place in my make up storage in my office, I am in love.

Which shade do you love?


  1. Eek how exciting for you! Huge congratulations xx

  2. The click of a lipstick lid is always the best haha I love all the shades, so pretty!

    Love Katy @ The Rawrdrobe x

  3. Wow, congratulations! These lipsticks look so pretty, I think Rose Boom Boom would be my favourite shade although Zest Up looks like it would look amazing on holiday! x



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