July 06, 2016

Starting A YouTube Channel..

 So starting a YouTube channel has been on my mind for years now, I just never felt ready and I wanted to put my all into my blog first to see if I enjoyed it. nearly five years down the line and I can confirm there is nothing I love more ( apart from my dogs and Rob) than blogging on my little corner of the internet. This year I finally felt ready, it has been on my list to do for a while but starting my channel this year feels right. I am going to be taking it slow with content at first because it all feels overwhelming but I am so excited about my new project.

Bella loves the camera!
So how does it feel to film?

I can confirm it feels really weird sat talking to a camera but my third video it already felt so much better and fun. I am so excited to start doing more content for you over on my channel. Link here. Overall it feels exciting and I am already addicted to it, I love watching Vlogs and main channel videos. I enjoy having my own office space to expand my content too. There will be no comparing my channel to others, all I love to do is take inspiration and enjoy watching the content. Team internet right, remember to share the love.

What to expect from my channel?

All I want to do is have fun and enjoy it, I am going to focus on main channel videos and try do one a week. I am aiming for the weekend for each one, I work full time and my route varies so I will try get an upload day sorted for you. I want to focus on beauty products, routines and lifestyle videos. 

My next video idea?

I want to do a house tour at some point because interiors is a big love of mine and I am excited to do in depth monthly favourites. I think my next one will be my June Faves!

Goals for YouTube?

  • Have fun!
  • more content
  • be creative
Please subscribe to my channel and I hope you will enjoy this new adventure with me.



  1. You've got a new subscriber here Abi! :)
    I can't wait to see more videos from you!
    I also just started YouTube last month, so it would be great if you could pay my channel a little visit too. I'm over at https://www.youtube.com/c/ellistuesday

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

    1. Thank you for subscribing! I am so excited to do more videos!



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