August 03, 2016

August Thoughts... The Truth

Its now a new month, with new goals and new challenges. I love to make lists and goals to stick to and challenge myself as a person. I always just want to do better and if I don't I end up bullying myself and making myself feel bad. On my days off I feel exhausted and I have no motivation, so this month I want to work on this. I will be going into more detail below and if you have any advice let me know in the comments.

You know how it feels when you eat a salad you expect instant results, well thats me. I feel like a new woman just by eating a week full of salads and fruit. I do notice the difference in how I feel when I wake up, so all the pizza needs to stop and I need to live by moderation. I really enjoy making the salads, my boyfriend being a chef has shown me how to make them tasty. I want to focus on my food intake this month, challenge myself to try new food and to learn to cook. I think Rob would be very happy to see me trying to cook because it is a huge passion of his that he would like me to take interest in. 


Anxiety has been huge part of the blogger world, which is amazing because if you have a voice you should use it. I find that I feel more normal when I know girls like me struggle too. I recently have had a bad time with stuff and it has thrown me straight back to my old self but this time I do feel stronger to fight it. All I need to do is refocus on my goals, my life and to take time out for me and what I enjoy doing. I feel like I have lost who I am, this needs to change. Not many people know how much I struggle, I just don't want to be seen as weak because I am a very strong person. 


August for me is all about feeling great about myself, my life and my little family. Nothing means more to me than coming home to Rob and my dogs. This keeps me focused which makes me want to do well, for me and them. Rob is such an inspiration to me and I love him more than anything so I want to show him this year and more that I can be me again. 

My blog is a huge part of my life, so this month I would love to do more content. Just sitting down typing this out really helps me. I love the blogger community and everything about it. So many bloggers / YouTubers inspire me everyday and I would love to stay in this beautiful community and really push my blog forward. 


I have three books to get through before I do a review on them so I am excited to share them with you. I really enjoy reading and taking the time out to be in a different world, it relaxes my mind and I sleep better. So this month I'm going to take out an hour each night to read. More to come on this.

Time Off.

next week I have a week off work, which I am very excited about. Im going to use this time to blog, spend time with my dogs, Rob and to just relax. I love my job but its good to have time off to be you, no commitments that week and to take each day as it comes. 

What are your goals for August?

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