August 24, 2016

Bath Time Products To Try.

 One of my favourite times of the day is bath time, it sorts out my mind and it makes me feel good. After a long day at work there is nothing better than using all your favourite beauty products to make you feel human again. I have so many bath time favourites, it is what I love to buy. Lush is my go to bath bomb but I have non left to photograph otherwise they would have made a feature on this post too. I have been using these products for about 2/ 3 months now so I will talk you through them now.

 Starting off with Zoella Beauty, I am obsessed with the Bath Latte. It gives my bath a soft touch and lots of bubbles which is very important for a pamper bath. I use this as a shower wash too, it smells like heaven. Following on with my Aussie shampoo which is my go to product, I have a sensitive scalp so this works perfectly for me.
My skin care is a huge part of my pamper session, I have been enjoying the fresh face mask from Lush, in the scent Honey. I am obsessed with anything that has honey in it right now, it exfoliates my skin which is needed and leaves it silky soft to touch. I have used this pot up which is amazing for me, I will need to buy it again. My skin care is filled with products from Witch skin care, easy to use and it helps keep my spots away. I notice a massive difference when I forget to use a Witch product, my skin breaks out. I need the Witch products in my life, even more now than when I used them as a teenager. 

The Bean Body coffee scrub has been a life saver in my eyes, I have enjoyed using it. This is new to my body care, it leaves my skin super exfoliated. By far one of my all time favourite body scrubs, it smells amazing too and leaves me awake. Perfect to use in your morning shower, it leaves me feeling awake and ready for the day ahead. 

Root and Flower are incredible, I use this cleanser almost every night. I am scared of it running out because i just adore it. It leaves my skin make up free, dirt free and soft. Super easy to use and all natural.

My Percy and Reed hair mask leaves my hair easy to brush which is what I look for in a product, my hair gets really dry. I use this over night and wash it off in my shower the next day. I love that it works so well over night and is easy to apply and use, it never leaves anything on your pillows and dries quickly in your hair.

This is a new location for me to shoot my beauty reviews, I will get better at it this was a tester to see how it would turn out. I am on a mission to mix up my props and photography style on my blog. Let me know what you think and how cute is my fox from Next!

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  1. That Zoella bath latte is on my wishlist, looks so cute!


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