August 26, 2016

DegustaBox August Review.

 This box is a firm favourite in our house, Rob is a chef and loves trying out new food and cooking. I on the other hand need to try new food and not just eat the same thing every week. So this box is an amazing combination of products for both of us to try. There are products Rob loves and hates in the Degustabox* and same with me but we end up finishing off the box and using the products. I am a big fan of the idea and products in the box, August box is my favourite there are so many treats I will try.

 We only do one or two big food shops a month so having this box to tup up or cupboards makes a huge difference. Look at all the dips and drinks, my favourite is the popcorn. I have already eaten the popcorn whoops but boy did it taste good. I am so excited to try out the mango chutney with the crackers, that is right up my street.
 Myself and Rob enjoy making curry so the curry paste is a good one for us, it will make a good tea during the week when we finish work. I will be making up a curry this week using them, along side some tasty chutney. The beer will go down well with Rob with his tea, I don't drink so this is no good for me. I will take the vitamin water instead which I am happy about.
The cous cous is something I will eat and the noodles look tasty, this is why I love the box because there are so many different items in here. The Tabasco barbecue sauce will be making its way into most of our food, I am a big fan of this taste. I can shock Rob and make some really tasty food with these ingredients. 

In the Degustabox* you get to enjoy between 11-15 products which is fantastic for its price. If I went into the shop I would be buying this for much more, not even sure I would pick it up because I only buy bits. This is why i love this box it lets me try out new things, out of my comfort zone and when I go shopping it might make me try more. 

The box is £12.99* including delivery and you get all of these products to try out, this box is my favourite one so far. 
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