August 27, 2016

Dining Room Ideas

 So the next room I would like to work on before Christmas is the Dining Room. I am so excited to make this room interesting, with a theme that we both love. I have an idea of lots of green, plants and a bright rug. I am in love with the picnic table style which would be great as we are thinking of hosting Christmas this year. My house and interiors is a huge passion of mine. I love the idea of the succulents on the wall in this circle frame, it would make the room look so interesting. 


We have a dark carpet and two big windows in our dining room, so we want to create the pace with bright white furniture so that the light bounces of it. I think Ikea would be the perfect place to grab some great pieces. Big green plants is an idea but we have dogs who stay in this room when we are in work, so we will see. Copper and big prints on the wall is a must. A large long picnic table in a dark wood would be great to contrast all the bright pieces. 

I love the colour of this table on the left, this would be amazing but we do want a little bit of a chunkier leg. i am so excited to style the table with plants and bits, I think its going to look amazing. A large colourful rug would be perfect, I want to add in some African theme to the room to represent where I grew up. Large prints on the wall to compliment the room, images  of things we love or quotes.

On one side we want chairs with comfy cushions and on the other side a picnic bench. I am so excited to do Christmas in this house, we are so happy here, it has a calm feel to the house. One thing I do enjoy is cleaning the house and buying new things to make it home. 

White furniture with wall art above it would look amazing in our dining room, I want the wall art to tell a story about our family. The rug under the table on the right image would be so perfect, it is what I'm looking for this Winter to brighten up our home. Woodlands would be a great theme for this room too but we already have that in our bedroom so Africa is what I would love to do.

The dining room is such a sociable place, we are lucky it is such a big space to use. It leads onto the kitchen so we are looking forward to eating in here and having people round. Pops of colour, lots of white furniture to bring out the light and plants is what I'm going for.

I will be doing a before and after of the room soon.

what do you think of the inspo? 

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