August 05, 2016

How I Decorated Our Bedroom / Ikea & More.

So this blog post has been a long time coming, I have been wanting to do this post for a while. When we moved in in January the bedroom was the first place we focused on, we wanted it to be a place we could truly relax. I am in love with how it has turned out so far. 

 The theme we are wanting to use is Botanical and wood lands. I am obsessed with anything that has a woodlands theme to it and we wanted the bedroom to look fresh. Most of the items here are from Ikea, the bedding and pillows are from them. I am so in love with the print on the bedding, so new to our style but we are obsessed. 
 There is nothing better than styling your book shelves right. I had so much fun decorating them with books, trinkets and painting that we love. A lot of it is my stuff but Rob does not mind at all. He loves that the room feels fresh and calm. I am currently reading the Potion Diaries so they sit on mms shelves waiting for me to pick them up before bed.
 My mom go the this glass penguin two years ago, I think it is truly one of the best gifts I have ever received. I was so pleased to be able to put it up in our new home and it looks perfect. I cannot decorate my home with some cacti, I have so many and I still think I need more. 
 My friend Laura got me the little bunny picture from Next as a birthday gift, she knows how much I love woodland themed things. The little things box my mom got me as a birthday gift last year and it holds so many pieces of jewellery that mean so much to me. I have some polaroid style pictures around our bedroom, I would love a pin board for them soon.
 My very talented and beautiful friend Heather painted me and Rob each these gorgeous paintings of our dogs. I cannot tell you how much they mean to me, they are worth so much to me and Rob. She captured our pets perfectly and I love waking up to them every morning, they sit so well on our shelves. Check out her shop here.

 The picture of Digby sits next to my bed in a picture cacti holder from Primark, he recently passed away at the age of 3 and he meant so much to me. I love having pictures around us, it reminds us to focus on what means the most and what is important. The fox draws I purchased from Home Sense, its as with my grandmas inheritance money that she left us, it was a bargain at £4 but it means so much, it reminds me of her everyday. 
 Again I found the basket from Home Sense for £9 with is a bargain, Home Sense is my favourite shop for homeware. You find different things overtime you in, I use the basket to hold blankets and pillows from the bed. It keeps them dust free, dog hair free ( we try) and it looks neat and tidy. 
 I have another talented friend who makes bespoke dream catchers, she designed this one for me. It is based around my woodland obsession and its stunning, the colours work so well in our bedroom. I am so careful with this dream catcher because its so special to me, it hangs in front of our bed, pride of place on its own wall. Check out my friends Facebook here.
 carrying on with the botanical, wood theme to match our bed we have this mirror which my mom gave to me. It was what I was looking for and my mom had it in her house, she was going to throw it out but it works so well with our style. 
I was going to buy a white bed but we decided on wood because we could always just paint it at a later stage if we changed our mind. I love the wood effect in our bedroom, it helps create the style we are looking for. Its different and after sleeping on a bad bed for years its so nice to have a brand new one. Our bed is from Ikea, most of our furniture is from Ikea we are obsessed with it all. 

Let me know what your think of our bedroom?

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