August 01, 2016

July Favourites 2016.

So its been a while since I blogged about my favourites, I recently started my own YouTube channel and I did a monthly fave video on my channel for June. take a look if you fancy a watch, I am so new to this so please be kind. I am so excited to start YouTube but it is something I'm doing gradually. I love sharing my favourite products and they are great to watch on Youtube or read on a blog, it helps me find new products to try out. 

This foundation is my all time go to product, it is amazing and the coverage is great. It is easy to apply which is fab when I start work at 6 in the morning. It stays on all day long and trust me I clean out pets so it really does not budge. I love the feel of it on my skin, its full coverage yet so light on my skin. Rimmel do the best drugstore foundations in my opinion and I always go back to them. The Aussie 3 minute colour treatment is a dream come true for my hair, i get really knotty hair that is so hard to brush. I use this product most days and I find it really eases it and helps me to brush my hair. My scalp gets really sore so brushing it hurts like hell sometimes but this conditioner is fab.
I am new to By Terry products and yes I was so excited to be able to try these out. I got to try three limited edition colours but the shade Pink Me Up was my favourite. This lip colour has been my go to look for most days, it glides on really well and it feels moisturising on my lips. I did a full review of them all here. they are £27* each but if you are after a really special lip product this is it.
Now we all know I have an addiction to buying face masks, I must have a draw full of them yet I still buy more. I recommended this to my mom and she went straight out to buy it. First of all I love the packaging, it looks amazing on my shelves in my office with some of my skin care. It feels amazing on my skin, it feel luxurious and works wonders. I suffer from dull skin from working full time and lack of sleep so this really helps to brighten up my skin.
This is the glow mask there are three to pick from but this one really stood out to me for my skins needs. I have so many detox masks that I decided this was the one for me, you can buy more than one and use three different ones for each section of your face. You could use this on the cheeks and the detox one on problem areas. I really love the quality, texture and feel of this on my skin, I love that it exfoliates my skin too. I got mine from Boots and it was on offer for £5.

I have been loving the Zoella body scrub from her Tutti fruity range, it exfoliates my skin and smells incredible at the same time. It is one of my top ten favourite body scrubs I have ever used, It sits proudly on my bath tub side. I need to buy some more alongside the bath milk.

July for me has been all about the lip products, i have three new favourites that I have been using alongside my gorgeous By Terry lip. Nyx do amazing lip products as most of you will know, the texture and feel of them are perfection. They do so many shades too which is what we all need in our life, I have the shade Milan and it is a gorgeous Summer shade. 

One lip product I have to show you is the one in the Kate Moss range, from Rimmel. It is in the shade Boho Nude and it has such gorgeous rose gold packaging. It has a beautiful smell to it which is an extra bonus but the shade is gorgeous. It is a perfect everyday nude but it looks amazing with my lip product collection. ( featured in the first picture on this blog post) 

YouTuber Favourite: The Michalaks 
Netflix Favourite: Scream

Life Favourite: My animals and my little family, I am obsessed with my home and being with Rob. I am so happy, everyday I feel so lucky to have them. My hamster Digby died and it may seem really silly to be so upset about but he was my graduation present from Rob and I adored him. It made me realise how lucky I am to have my pets and how much love I give to them. I treasure every moment with my little family. 

What have you been loving in July?

Would you like to see a Blog post everyday in August?

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