August 18, 2016

Rules For Keeping A Clutter Free Home.

Over the past few weeks I have been on a mission to de clutter my life and house. Having a clean home helps with my stress level, it is amazing to come home to a clean space that you love. Clutter makes me go crazy, it clogs up my brain without me even realising. So I wanted to share with you the changes I have made, it does make it a lot easier to keep a clean home when you work full time too. 

Tidy as you go:

I am bad for this, leaving things lying around when I should just move it there and then to avoid it getting out of control. This month I have made a change to move things as soon as I don't need them. For example making tea, clean as you go and wash up everything before you head to bed. I tend to make a small tea and think I will tidy that up after I watch Big Brother and it never happens. Make time to clean up every day and it gets easier, put things in the right place as soon as you don't need it.


Make time every single day to clean up, I used to leave it most of the tidying till my days off and this ended up me using up my whole day cleaning. I enjoy cleaning my home but sometimes it can get all too much. I wash up every single day now and make sure I take time out each day to do something. I booked a week off work and I decluttered all my bedrooms, I threw so much away and it felt good.

Go to the skip:

One thing I do enjoy is cleaning out my entire house and heading to the skip to throw out all the things I have not used for 6 months to a year. I recently gave six bags of clothes to charity and put 10 bags of rubbish into the skip. It felt good and my spare room is spotless now. I really enjoyed getting rid of old things that I thought I needed but never used, it is also so good for the mind too.


make sure everything has a space so that when you have used it go put it all back. I love having draws just for my beauty products and make up because if I didn't it would be all over the place. I love buying cute boxes for things to go in but make sure you de clutter them at least every few months.


I used to buy things without thinking when I was younger, now a trip to the shop can take hours due to me really thinking about the things I need such as a big food shop. I take in to consideration when we are working, what meals we can make and I only buy a couple treats. Clothes shopping hardly ever happens but if I have a Primark spree I sort through my old clothes. Beauty product I take pride of joy in and they have a draw all tidy, incase I need to take photos of anything, I keep it all clean. So when you go shopping really think about what you need, make lists so you don't buy things you don't need.

Extra tips:

As soon as you get the mail sort it out into keep to file or throw in the bin. I need to do this more but I have been trying and it works a dream. give everything I good clean before bin day so that you can get rid of it all the next day and come home from work to an empty bin and clean house. If something comes into the house, get rid of something else to keep a balance. 

Lastly I love to watch programs on tv such as obsessive compulsive cleaners , it really gets me in the mood to clean my own home. I take pride in my home but having two dogs makes it hard to keep a clean space, so I just work out a plan. My house is not perfect but doing a few of these tips I try keep an organised life with balance. 

What do you do?
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