August 06, 2016

The Thomas Sabo A / W Event In London.

I am looking through my camera and realised I never blogged about the Thomas Sabo event from a few months ago. Luckily it is the A/W range so it still is relevant, we had so much fun at this event looking at all the pieces. I love the brand and I enjoy how sparkly everything is in the range. I also found an engagement ring idea as a hint to my boyfriend..

 Me looking silly but there was a huge mirror in the shop so why not. The drinks on offer were amazing, myself and Laura were so thirsty from all the walking we did that day, so it was refreshing. I could do with one of those drinks right now actually. 
 Thomas Sabo were kind enough to gift us with a piece of our choice, there were three types to look at. Myself and Laura went for the dainty silver piece, it is gorgeous and so easy to wear. I love small pieces to wear that look cute, I am obsessed with it. 

 The goody bag was the A/W piece to take away which was very kind of them. 

 such a gorgeous shop
 This is the piece one of our friends picked, its such a pretty blue shade with a skull bead attached to it. If there wasn't a dainty piece I would have gone for this on, the whole collection was incredible as per for Thomas Sabo.
This was an amazing event to attend before we headed off to the Blogosphere Magazine launch party for the cover reveal. It felt relaxed and it was lovely to meet new bloggers and talk to laura and our friends about all the pieces. We got to try on so many rings, I am obsessed with the rings from Thomas Sabo. They are perfect and so sparkly which is what drew me to the counter. 

I really enjoy attending events in London and this one was great.

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