August 08, 2016

Working On Your Inner Beauty.

 So lets talk about inner beauty, not just beauty products. Inner beauty can come in different ways and we forget to focus on our own. With so many social media apps now we focus on what other people have,do and the way they live. We need to take a step back and remember to live our own lives and to focus on our confidence, beauty and life. I am first to admit I am obsessed with Twitter and Instagram, so lets get started on how to focus on our own.

 My friend Laura took these photos of me and her beautiful pug Lulu a few months back and its taken months to be able to edit them and upload them. I felt like I had no confidence to upload a fashion type blog post because I see so many other beautiful ones, I could never do justice to it, well thats how I felt for ages but the beauty of a blog is we are all different. 

 For example I really loved this photo because of Lulu but all I could focus on was my hair, that day in particular it felt limp and in need of a good cut. So this stopped me uploading any of these images. I struggle with anxiety, so talking to new people scares me but working in retail has shown me I can do it. This day in London was so much fun, we had the best day taking pictures, going to press days and having lunch with Jodie and Becca. 
I want to list things now on how you can work on your inner beauty, this is a list for me too. I am really tough on myself and I need to learn to relax, take time out and really work on myself. I need to remember all the good things in life, do more of what I enjoy and to really remember what is important. I was browsing BlogLovin and feeling really down, laying in bed feeling sorry for myself, typing up this post has made me get up and head into my office, its changed my day around. 

  • Treat yourself how you would treat others.
  • Would you be nasty to your younger self, so why do it to yourself now?
  • Take deep breaths
  • read more
  • spend more time doing the things you love
  • blogging helps me
  • make a list of the good things
  • create an inspiration board
  • never say you cannot do something
  • stay away from gossip
  • don't get angry
  • always forgive
  • Do not judge other people
  • work hard
  • Smile and be happy.
  • go for long walks
  • meet new people
  • always treat animals with respect and love them
  • do something good in the world
  • set goals
  • remember good things take time
  • wake up and tell yourself you are in a good mood
  • have pamper days
  • sleep in if you want to
  • Have manners
  • Love your family
  • Remember what you have
  • focus on the future

Do you have any tips on working on your inner beauty?
I was inspired by this amazing blog.

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