September 08, 2016

An Update On My 2016 Goals.

Hello again, I thought I would update you on how my 2016 goals are going now that we are in September. I love setting myself goals for the year ahead and making a new plan each year. I find doing this I achieve more and I really challenge myself to do more things that I am proud of or even enjoy. I remember thinking back in January that I wanted this year to be about happiness and things that I enjoy, so lets crack on and see how I have done. 

2016 for me is all about being happy, letting myself relax and doing more of what makes me happy. walking my dogs for hours and enjoying time with my boyfriend. We both work long hours and we love our jobs, we are in a very happy time of our lives. 

So happiness is still a big part of my year plan, all I want to do is be happy with my little family. Rob and my dogs make my day better, my life full of joy. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work to my little family. All I wish for, is that we are happy and healthy and that we enjoy the rest of the year. I am so excited to put up our Christmas tree in our new house, we moved in here in January. I think we are at our happiest in this house, this part of our story.

This year I turn 25 and would love to be able to book a holiday with Rob. Rob has never been on a holiday and I cannot wait to take him on one. Somewhere sunny so we can relax and drink cocktails. This is my main goal this year, to be able to do amazing things together.

This is on our radar right now, we are applying for passports and deciding where to go for our first big adventure together. We have been together for six and a half years and never got the chance to go on holiday. Even if we book one for next year, that will be a goal ticked off our list.

New Home: 
I am super exited to start new in our new home, new space for the year and more. I hope this one feels like home, I have such a good feeling about it. I want to focus on making the house have a theme and making it feel homely. so think Ikea and H&M for home ware, new sofa and bed is first on the list. I also want to print out photographs and put them up in the house.

So we have made our new home very homely, it is the best house we have had in years. I am so in love with this space, it makes me so happy. I actually enjoy coming home to it, cleaning it and decorating. we managed to buy a new bed and so much furniture, our next goal is the dining room ready for Christmas. 

 This year I am going to make sure I do food shops and eat better. try take food to work with me to save money and make tea most nights. I want to go on runs with my dogs to wake me up in the mornings and focus on a healthy lifestyle. I would love to join a gym again, I really enjoy it.

I am looking into joining the gym again, I really enjoy it and I get so much out of it. I want to be healthier, I have made an effort to cook more and learn to cook. Rob has been impressed with the food I have made so far. food shops are one of my favourite things to do, full fridge feels great. 

 I want to manage my time better, between working full time and blogging. I love my job which I am very grateful to have. I do want to make more time for my blog and things I love to do, all I need to do is manage my time better. To do this I need to make a new routine this year and to keep focused. 

I feel I have made so much more time for my blog, even if it is sitting down to write ideas down in my cute note books. I really enjoy blogging and it is something I enjoy doing, so I love to make time for it. I work full time so creating a good balance is hard but I cannot see myself without my blog. I still enjoy my job but blogging is a huge passion of mine. 

Let me know your goals for the rest of the year?

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