September 13, 2016

My Night Time Skin Care Routine.

 There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and taking all my make up off and getting into clean pjs. I wear make up everyday at work, I don't want to scare the customers so having a good night time routine is necessary for me. When I was younger I wish I knew what I did now, my skin might have loved me for it back then. I try make up for lost time by having a good skin care routine, morning and night now. 

 First I start with my Kypris cleanser*, this is new to my skin care routine and I would be lost without it now. It leaves my skin super clean, dirt free and it removes my make up with ease. I did do a full blog post on this brand here, I am so in love with this cleanser. This is a step that makes it easy to take off all my make up no matter how much I have on that day.
 Pure clay I have been using for a couple months now and it is a beauty. I love a good face mask, this one is made better because it exfoliates too. I have dry skin that can be spot prone so this works well for my skin type. I feel that it draws out all the nasty and brightens my skin leaving it smooth. I enjoy this step as I relax in a bubble bath, listening to music.

Root and Flower is a brand I have been using this year, it is fantastic. They are raw, organic and never tested on animals. I use this face scrub when I feel that my skin needs extra TLC, due to it being my favourite I use small amounts. I need to invest in some more products from them, this chia seed scrub smells amazing. It is soft in the skin and it leaves it feeling smooth and clean. 

I then move on to using a face wash along side my facial cleanser that I picked up from Home Sense for £12. It is such a bargain but an essential part of my skin care routine. I feel that it works on my skin, leaving it feeling amazing. You can use this with any of your favourite products. I find this works on the problem areas of my skin, working on the wrinkles and getting the blood moving around. I love how this works and I cannot skip this step, it leaves my skin feeling extra cared for. 

As you may know Witch skin care is a big part of my routines, I love the witch hazel in it. It smells amazing and is one of the final steps to my night time routine before I put on my night cream from the Body Shop. It helps to prevent spots which is what I need, I tend to get small amounts of spots now and then so this keeps them at bay. 

My night cream is one from The Body shop, it is one that has been around for a while now. Drops of youth is a bouncy sleep mask that you leave on over night. When I wake up my skin is soft and ready to apply my make up for the day. I find that it helps to keep my dry skin away and it feels great on the skin, its cooling. I feel that my skin is refreshed and is one of my all time favourite products ever. 

What do you use for your night time routine? 

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