September 14, 2016

Sand, Sea And Border collies!

 When my dogs are happy, i'm happy. Seeing them run around, having fun in the sand and sea is amazing. I love it when they come home and cuddle us, fall asleep because they have had an amazing day out. Yesterday we decided to go to the beach in Formby, get some fresh air and treat the dogs to a good run. I took my camera with us, I enjoy documenting our days out to look back on. 

 It was a cold, rainy day but we had the time of our lives, the dogs had no cares in the world. I can take my dogs out no matter the weather and enjoy it, the beach is a peaceful place. If i could live near the beach I would, it is a dream of ours to do this and have more collies. Juniper decided to head out to sea, which made me scared but she is such a brave girl.
 This is Isabella looking full of sand and focusing on the tennis ball as she does. I love her little face, she had so much fun that on the way home she fell asleep in the car. This must be how it feels when you want have a toddler. 
 Smiles all round!
 We packed a bag full of dogs toys, water and poop bags. headed out to sea to have some fun, it was a cold day yet so much fun. We needed this day as a family, we work full time and long walks is what we enjoy, we try fit in as many as we can but the beach is extra special to us. 

Rob insisted on taking some pictures of me, I think I was hopeful the sun would stay out with my sunnies on my head. 

My head now feels clearer and I am wishing I lived nearer to the beach, it is an easy drive and only an hour away. We had a great day and it is so lovely to see our dogs smile and run around, it burns off so much energy for them. On our walk down the beach we bumped into three more border collies which made my day even better.

This photograph of Rob is a picture I am so pleased I captured, it really shows the bond they have. Our dogs now smell of sea water and sand, fast asleep in their beds. They soon will want to play again, I love how sleepy they are right now. 

Right I think its bath time for our dogs...

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