September 19, 2016

Testing Out Natura Siberica Products.

So over the past week I have been testing out these products from Natura Siberia*, which is a brand new to me. I was kindly asked by NeatPr if I would like to try some of the products out and I loved the look of them. I wanted to share with you my first impressions and how I feel about the products. lets get started..

Lets start with the tonic shower gel, which I like the look of from the packaging at first. I then went on to smell the product which I can confirm smells amazing. The scent is wild rhodiola rosea, Siberian rocket, organic mint, organic hip rose oil, geranium and camellia extract. It gives off a fresh, rich in floral scent which is what I love, you leave the shower smelling awesome. I love that organic products have been used and the herbs used in this shower gel hold moisture and can live in minus 50 c temperatures and winds. The result, the herbs hold in the moisture which is beneficial for our skin, rich in minerals and vitamins. Overall a great shower gel that was a gem to use, I would use it again and again. 
I love a good cleanser for my skin and this one is fab and really cheap too. It is such an amazing quality and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I enjoy using a foam cleanser, it hydrates my skin and works for combination, oily skin. This is a perfect everyday cleanser, its rich foam reeves dirt, oil and make up. My skin feels looked after and dirt free, most importantly oil free. I feel so refreshed after using this cleanser, I enjoy a good affordable skin care product. £5.75*
Lastly but not least I want to share with you this day cream which has left my skin super soft. I have been using this before I apply my make up. It absorbs quickly which I like about day creams and it has a spf of 20 in it. I need a good day cream as I wear make up for work five days a week, on my days off I leave my skin to breath. I feel that my make up looks so much better when my skin is moisturised and this day cream is fab.

This day cream is for dry and sensitive skin, helps to prevent the look of ageing. It protects skin from harsh weather which might be amazing in the Winter, I will update you on this. overall it is a fantastic day cream, affordable and the ingredients are well sourced. £7.20*

What do you think of the products?

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  1. Love the packaging, kinda reminds me of The Body Shop products <3 lovely review xx


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