September 24, 2016

The Only Brush For Me- Tangle Teezer.

 So as you may know Tangle Teezer do some incredible brushes, from the designs to how it works on the hair. I enjoy the design and I am in love with all the new designs but the original is for me in this lilac and pink colour. I struggle to brush my hair on a daily basis and my last Tangle Teezer was chewed by my then puppy Juniper who is now nearly two. Last week I decided it was time to buy another one to pop into my bag or use daily. 


It brushes through my hair with no fuss and it never hurts. I have a very sensitive scalp which needs extra care when it comes to shampoos I am using and brushing my hair used to really hurt. I cannot believe I went two years without buying a new one, I knew they were amazing but I am so pleased to have one in my life again. 

I can imagine they would be great for kids hair too, no fuss and no pulling. I love the design and colour range they have. the yellow sherbet one is amazing and I may need that colour too. I can see my obsession with Tangle Teezer happening all over again and thats not a bad thing, the brushes work miracles.

The blow drying tools look amazing and I think this will be my next purchase, my hair feels so much better now that I can get through the knots without it hurting me. I love that you can use the brush wet or dry, my hair is a nightmare to brush when it is wet. 

Do you love pugs or Hello Kitty check the range they have over on the website. They are super cute and will look amazing in your hand bag.

I have fallen back in love with Tangle Teezer, do you use them?

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