October 28, 2016

Five To Try This Autumn.

I wanted to share with a some products I am loving right now and a magazine that inspires to write. Over Autumn/ Winter I love to use all my favourite products and have long bubble baths using Lush bath products. So I have skin care and make up to share with you, I wanted to make it only five products so that I really look into what I have been loving. 
 I found this facial cleanser in HomeSense about six months ago now and I really enjoy using it. I wanted to try out the trend before buying a more expensive version. This cost me £10, which is one hell of a bargain. It helps to keep my skin smooth and leaves it feeling flake free, ready for the Winter. They are sold in TKMax too and I found one in pink, which looked super cute. Its easy to use and quick, leaving my skin feeling happy. 
 Now this product is a new one from The Body Shop ready for the christmas season and it smells insane. I enjoy using this when I have a pamper bath, it leaves my skin soft and smelling gorgeous. This range is one of my all time favourite from them and it leaves me feeling really excited for cold nights, hot chocolates and warm baths. 
 Now its not been a secret lately that I am loving Soap and Glory make up, it has been an obsession of mine. This One Heck Of A Blot foundation is amazing and it makes mms kin look flawless. You only need a small amount for it to go a long way and it blends in easy. I have been meaning to try it out for months but it is now a big part of my make up bag.Even though it feels light on my skin, it gives a great coverage. Witch skin care is my go to skin care products, even more so in the Winter months. This blackhead clearing gel is cold on the skin yet you can feel it working when you rub it into your skin. You can feel the dirt coming away from your skin as you rub and weirdly satisfying. A great product to add to your skin care this Winter. 

Now we all know I am a massive fan of Blogosphere magazine and have been from the start. I have every single issue printed in my office, ready to read and be inspired. I love the look of the magazine, the pages are filled with content and you find some amazing blogs to read too. The pages are thick, feel amazing quality and are printed to perfection.

The new issue has the gorgeous In The Frow on the cover and she looks insane. It is amazing to have something that shows off blogs and recognises the hard work we do. In The Frow is a blogger/ Youtuber to look up to, she inspires so many of us. For her and many other bloggers to be on the cover of a magazine is incredible, truly deserved and it shows how amazing the industry is.

As you flick through the pages you feel yourself smiling, feeling very inspired and wanting to do well yourself because all these women and men are incredible and it makes you feel proud to be part of this community. Blogosphere magazine has had some amazing women on the cover such as Estee, Fleur De Force and many more of my favourites.

The photography in the magazine is stunning and they should be so proud of the magazine, it has come so far from the first issue. My copies sit proudly on my office table, ready to read when I feel I need inspiration. I will continue to support Blogosphere magazine, they have the nicest people on the team too. 

The dream would to be one day be on the cover of this stunning magazine but we can dream or even inside would be amazing. This is what the magazine does to you, you feel like you can achieve anything just by reading it. I really enjoy sitting down with a hot chocolate and reading it from start to finish.

What have you been loving this Autumn so far?

Check out Blogosphere magazine here!!

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October 26, 2016

DegustaBox October 2016

 i'm sat in my office feeling very inspired to write but nothing is flowing like I want it to, so my Degustabox* review has been moved forward a few days. Not saying this is a bad thing, just wanted to be honest and say I cannot write today. I love Degustabox because it allows me to test out new food, I am a really fussy eater and it drives my boyfriend mental. I won't go into a shop and make a new tea to try out for myself, I will head to what I know well. This box allows me to try think up new ideas for tea and try out tasty snacks.
 I love bbq so when I noticed the smokey bbq sauce in the box I was excited to try it out. I will be making a tasty tea for Rob and myself with this sauce. The noodles is a good shout to pop in this box, they are super tasty and I would buy them if I saw them in a shop near me when I do a food shop. The curry noodles are fab and only take 4minutes to make, easy food but so tasty. The Robinsons squash went straight into my handbag as soon as I took the photographs, easy to use and handy for work.
 Now I am a massive fan of pasta and when I noticed the shape of them I was over the moon, it makes it fun and different to your normal which I like. Rob will eat the soups that came in the box, I am not a massive fan of soup because I find it too bland or boring but saying that the flavours of these look interesting. 

Now who you get some American chocolate in the box, you know its a good one. I am so excited to test out this chocolate as I am a big chocoholic. Jim Jams milk chocolate spread is gluten free and tasty to pop onto of pancakes for a easy breakfast. This was my favourite part about the box, I was super excited to see this in there. The Yushoi rice sticks are incredible and something I would eat again, so new to me yet I will try them again which is fantastic. They are vegan friendly and are made up of snap peas, super tasty for a snack. We ended up eating them in one sitting before tea.

Degustabox is only £12.99* including packaging which is a bargain for what you get in the box. I love that there is something for everyone in each box, I share out some of the food with family and friends if I know they would really enjoy it. 

What do you think of the box?

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October 24, 2016

Soap & Glory Make Up Try Outs.

 So this is a massive shock to me and maybe you reading this but I have never tried out Soap and Glory make up. Shocking I know which is why I thought I would share with you a few goodies I picked up from Boots. I have no idea why it has taken me so long to try out the make up because I am such a big fan of the body products. I have a bathroom full of Soap and glory products so I am so pleased to try out some of the make up. Read on to find out what my thoughts are. 

October 23, 2016

October PawsomeBox 2016.

This is one of my favourite post to do over on my blog because it involves my beautiful dogs who are my world. I enjoy PawsomeBox because it has so many things to try and my dogs are obsessed with toys. Bella knows this is for her because she poses up a storm when I take photos for this post. Juniper is not as keen, she runs off with the toys and hides behind the sofa. October is such a cute box with the funky duck and treats. 
 In the box you get between 5-6 products, you fill in a form on the website to get the appropriate things for your dogs size, breed and age. It is such a fantastic way to spend quality time with your dog, mine love opening this box with me. I love that this box comes with a collar light for the late night walks this winter. 
 This is my stunning Bella enjoying her new toy and taking a look at whats on offer next to her in the box. Juniper below stole the teddy as soon as Bella took her eye off it and ran wild around the house with it. Both dogs enjoy the treats and it keeps the treat jar full, ready for when they are good girls. 
All you have to do is complete yours dogs profile to get the right products for your breed,size dog and choose a plan. PawsomeBox are great at delivering the boxes on time and it is so much fun unboxing with my dogs. Bella is my super model and poses up a storm, she is even on the home page of Pawsomebox here. 

The price of the subscription is lower than what all the items add up to separately. I enjoy the themes and the variety that comes with the box, nothing beats making my dogs smile. The toys keep them happy and playing, the toy box stays full to the top and my dogs have so much fun. 

What do you think of the box?

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October 22, 2016

Just To Say Thank You / Giveaway .

I wanted to host a giveaway for you to say a massive thank you for all your support. My blog is a massive part of my life and I can see myself typing away on here for many years to come. Recently I found out I am up for an award with Cosmopolitan Magazine for Influencers choice award. When I found out I cried at my desk in my office, I sat there in shock feeling really happy and overwhelmed with your support. It felt like such an incredible achievement and I want to say a big thank you. My blog is my rock and without it I would feel lost, this is my baby and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog. 
I recently fell in love with Soap and Glory make up, I have no idea why it took me so long to try it. So I picked up this set from Boots for you, I wanted to share with you my favourite pieces from the brand. I have no idea why I lived without the Super cat eye liner and the eye shadows are so pigmented and incredible. This set caught my eye because it has a few pieces to try out and comes in a beautiful box. Read below to find out how to win.
I picked up this cute make up bag from Boots too, it is something I would love to use too. This and the Soap & Glory set could be yours. All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win. I will be doing more giveaways up until Christmas so that I can give back to you, thank you for your support. Let me know if you enter the giveaway and what you would love to see next on my blog/ more giveaway prizes. 

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October 19, 2016

Products I Am Currently Loving.

 To start with I want to introduce you to my new blog design, wow dam it looks fresh. I am super pleased with the new look. A big shout out to Pipdig who installed my new design within 24 hours. I felt like my blog needed a brand new layout and look to it, it grows with me and my content. I have been really enjoying blogging lately and this is just what I needed. Today I wanted to share with you products I have been loving in September/ October. Boy these guys have really stood out to me. 
 Now Soap and Glory is a brand I love, the body products are a big yes and they never disappoint. The make up has been a new discovery to me and I managed to buy plenty of it this month. The concealer is a product I wish I tried months ago, it hides all my dark circles from early shifts at work and my cheeky spots. Th packaging is a winner, just look at the beauty of it. The one heck of a blot foundation is a stunning product, it makes my skin look flawless and I enjoy using it. A small amount goes a long way and my skin looks brighter and cared for. 
 Kiko is a new love of mine, it is a brand I started to use early September and its cheap too. Cheap but the quality is incredible for an affordable brand. I picked up some pieces from the Trafford Centre store. I have been using number 17 and 76 together to brighten up my eye look. Number 17 is one of may all time favourite shades, you can use them dry or wet. 
When I have trouble sleeping which has been an issue the past month or so I use my Neom pillow scary. It sends me off to a deep sleep and it smells amazing, this is on my bedside table all year. After a hot bath and lots of blankets on the bed I spray this and it helps me relax. My go to lip product has been one from Sainsburys* which is a shocker, its just a gorgeous everyday pinky/ brown shade. 

Everyone needs a Tangle Teezer in their life, this has been a major favourite the past couple of months. My hair gets knotty and tangles really easy so having this has been a dream. It works wonders on wet or dry hair and I pop it in my bag on a daily basis. My dog Juniper when she was a puppy she chewed my Tangle Teezer so I never got round to replacing it, this year I did and I missed it dearly.

No7 is a brand I am currently testing out but there is one product that I really enjoy and have done for the past couple of years. It is the Beautiful skin melting gel which removes all my make up, easy to use and its great for dry skin. When Boots give out the £5 off skin care vouchers this is what I stock up on. It leaves my skin clean, dirt free and make up free without any hassle. It feels great to use as it is a gel formulation and leaves my skin feeling soft as I suffer from dry skin. 

What have you been loving?

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October 18, 2016

Exciting News!! Cosmopolitan Magazine Influencer Awards...

I cannot believe I am typing up this blog post, I am sat here in my office shaking. Tonight I have found out I am shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan Magazine Influencer Awards in the category Influencers Choice Award. I am in utter shock and so happy, thank you if you voted for me to get this far it means a lot to have your support. 

Decorating My Lounge With Flying Tiger / Halloween Style.

 So Halloween is coming up over the next couple of weeks but we might as well make the most of it by declaring our homes and there is nothing better than doing it on a budget. I have been working with Flying Tiger recently ( one of my fave shops ever) and this time we are bringing to you Halloween! I really enjoy Flying Tiger they are like Ikea for bits and bobs. The notebooks and decorations are spot on, I am so in love with my pumpkin lights.

October 12, 2016

My Experience at School /College/ University.

 This is a little different for me today, I have thought about typing up this blog post for a while now. Recently I spoke to a few people not knowing what they wanted to do after school or college and it has inspired this blog post. Education for me was like a rollercoaster, I will go into more detail below on my experience. This is just a blog post on my experience, so many other people may have had a different time in in education, it is so unique to us all but yet so many thoughts that are the same. Read on for more. 

October 07, 2016

My October Goals.

Each month I love to reflect on what I have achieved, make notes and try improve on things I didn't get chance to do. This is the most exciting time of the year, I love bonfire night and the crisp mornings when you are wearing scarves and wellies to walk the dogs. Christmas is out in the shops which fills my heart with joy, i am so excited for Christmas this year in our new home. I am excited to put the Christmas tree up near our bay windows in the lounge and really make the house feel festive. For now though lest focus on October, I want to share with you a few things I would like to improve on or do this month. 

October 06, 2016

My Sensitive Scalp Hair Care Routine.

 For years I have suffered with a sensitive scalp, from my early days of college I had no idea what products to use. I ended up using so many products that would make my scalp more sensitive and sore. Over the last two years I have really looked into my hair care and what would suit me. I only use tea tree or products suitable for sensitive scalps. I want to share with you these products from Paul Mitchell that I have used for a couple years now, I really enjoy the tea tree one too. Read on for more.

October 04, 2016

Christmas With The Body Shop.

 This blog post may be a little early for some readers but I am so excited to share with you some of the Christmas collection from The Body Shop. I am a massive fan of the Body shop and I really enjoy most of the products, I mean when has the Body Shop gone wrong? In my eyes never, every product I try, I enjoy and make the most out of them. From face masks to make up, each product is a gem.  Now lets talk about the Christmas range...

October 03, 2016

My Giorgio Armani Brush Collection & Foundation.

 So this girl writing this blog feels like the luckiest girl in the world for receiving this brush set as a giveaway prize I won from InTheFrow. This is unreal I would never have been able to buy them all myself, so thank you Victoria for hosting the giveaway. As soon as they arrived I sat down on my bed and opened each one so carefully and admired them all. It even came with the Maestro Glow elixir which is incredible. I am so excited to try them all out and create some amazing make up looks, I am so nervous to actually use them. 
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