October 26, 2016

DegustaBox October 2016

 i'm sat in my office feeling very inspired to write but nothing is flowing like I want it to, so my Degustabox* review has been moved forward a few days. Not saying this is a bad thing, just wanted to be honest and say I cannot write today. I love Degustabox because it allows me to test out new food, I am a really fussy eater and it drives my boyfriend mental. I won't go into a shop and make a new tea to try out for myself, I will head to what I know well. This box allows me to try think up new ideas for tea and try out tasty snacks.
 I love bbq so when I noticed the smokey bbq sauce in the box I was excited to try it out. I will be making a tasty tea for Rob and myself with this sauce. The noodles is a good shout to pop in this box, they are super tasty and I would buy them if I saw them in a shop near me when I do a food shop. The curry noodles are fab and only take 4minutes to make, easy food but so tasty. The Robinsons squash went straight into my handbag as soon as I took the photographs, easy to use and handy for work.
 Now I am a massive fan of pasta and when I noticed the shape of them I was over the moon, it makes it fun and different to your normal which I like. Rob will eat the soups that came in the box, I am not a massive fan of soup because I find it too bland or boring but saying that the flavours of these look interesting. 

Now who you get some American chocolate in the box, you know its a good one. I am so excited to test out this chocolate as I am a big chocoholic. Jim Jams milk chocolate spread is gluten free and tasty to pop onto of pancakes for a easy breakfast. This was my favourite part about the box, I was super excited to see this in there. The Yushoi rice sticks are incredible and something I would eat again, so new to me yet I will try them again which is fantastic. They are vegan friendly and are made up of snap peas, super tasty for a snack. We ended up eating them in one sitting before tea.

Degustabox is only £12.99* including packaging which is a bargain for what you get in the box. I love that there is something for everyone in each box, I share out some of the food with family and friends if I know they would really enjoy it. 

What do you think of the box?

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