October 28, 2016

Five To Try This Autumn.

I wanted to share with a some products I am loving right now and a magazine that inspires to write. Over Autumn/ Winter I love to use all my favourite products and have long bubble baths using Lush bath products. So I have skin care and make up to share with you, I wanted to make it only five products so that I really look into what I have been loving. 
 I found this facial cleanser in HomeSense about six months ago now and I really enjoy using it. I wanted to try out the trend before buying a more expensive version. This cost me £10, which is one hell of a bargain. It helps to keep my skin smooth and leaves it feeling flake free, ready for the Winter. They are sold in TKMax too and I found one in pink, which looked super cute. Its easy to use and quick, leaving my skin feeling happy. 
 Now this product is a new one from The Body Shop ready for the christmas season and it smells insane. I enjoy using this when I have a pamper bath, it leaves my skin soft and smelling gorgeous. This range is one of my all time favourite from them and it leaves me feeling really excited for cold nights, hot chocolates and warm baths. 
 Now its not been a secret lately that I am loving Soap and Glory make up, it has been an obsession of mine. This One Heck Of A Blot foundation is amazing and it makes mms kin look flawless. You only need a small amount for it to go a long way and it blends in easy. I have been meaning to try it out for months but it is now a big part of my make up bag.Even though it feels light on my skin, it gives a great coverage. Witch skin care is my go to skin care products, even more so in the Winter months. This blackhead clearing gel is cold on the skin yet you can feel it working when you rub it into your skin. You can feel the dirt coming away from your skin as you rub and weirdly satisfying. A great product to add to your skin care this Winter. 

Now we all know I am a massive fan of Blogosphere magazine and have been from the start. I have every single issue printed in my office, ready to read and be inspired. I love the look of the magazine, the pages are filled with content and you find some amazing blogs to read too. The pages are thick, feel amazing quality and are printed to perfection.

The new issue has the gorgeous In The Frow on the cover and she looks insane. It is amazing to have something that shows off blogs and recognises the hard work we do. In The Frow is a blogger/ Youtuber to look up to, she inspires so many of us. For her and many other bloggers to be on the cover of a magazine is incredible, truly deserved and it shows how amazing the industry is.

As you flick through the pages you feel yourself smiling, feeling very inspired and wanting to do well yourself because all these women and men are incredible and it makes you feel proud to be part of this community. Blogosphere magazine has had some amazing women on the cover such as Estee, Fleur De Force and many more of my favourites.

The photography in the magazine is stunning and they should be so proud of the magazine, it has come so far from the first issue. My copies sit proudly on my office table, ready to read when I feel I need inspiration. I will continue to support Blogosphere magazine, they have the nicest people on the team too. 

The dream would to be one day be on the cover of this stunning magazine but we can dream or even inside would be amazing. This is what the magazine does to you, you feel like you can achieve anything just by reading it. I really enjoy sitting down with a hot chocolate and reading it from start to finish.

What have you been loving this Autumn so far?

Check out Blogosphere magazine here!!

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  1. I need to pick up this issue! Every time I go to WHSmith they never have it in stock :( think I'll need to resort to buying it online haha! I also love my Foreo luna xxx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  2. I love the body shop & soap&glory but you can't buy them in Croatia so I always stock up when travelling :) That foubdation sounds great


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