October 24, 2016

Soap & Glory Make Up Try Outs.

 So this is a massive shock to me and maybe you reading this but I have never tried out Soap and Glory make up. Shocking I know which is why I thought I would share with you a few goodies I picked up from Boots. I have no idea why it has taken me so long to try out the make up because I am such a big fan of the body products. I have a bathroom full of Soap and glory products so I am so pleased to try out some of the make up. Read on to find out what my thoughts are. 

 One Heck Of A Blot is a foundation I have been meaning to try out for a very long time now. I enjoy testing out foundations and finding the perfect one for me, I have so many favourites.  This is a liquid to powder foundation so my instant thought was it might stick to dry skin. Oh boy was I wrong, it glides onto my skin well and blends like a dream. I love that a small amount goes a long way, hence the name but it is fantastic. My shade is Fair Enough which fits me perfectly, they only have a small selection of shades in this foundation. It has 12 hour long wear technology which is great for a long shift at work, I love my make up to look good enough when I finish work. it has shine bloc and super blur powers which is true, my skin looks smoother and fresh. It gives off a natural looking make up which is what I love, no caked on make up here. Over all it is a fab product one I would buy again. 
 One Heck Of A Blot primer is one to buy, I am so impressed by it. I have no idea what I did before using this. It has instant perfecting power which is true, my skin looks flaw free and smooth after applying my foundation over the top of this. It feels great applying it to the skin, it has no funny texture to it which is what I like about it. It feels cooling and my foundation glides on really well after. It dries fast which is what I need when applying my make up, I don't like waiting. It helps to make your make up last longer and it evens out the skin tone. The reason I picked it up it says it controls redness which I need around my nose and I have seen a great difference to this. What did I do before this product?
 I was in need of a new concealer so instead of my trusty Collection one I picked Kick Ass Concealer up because of the 3 for 2 offer. I have no regrets picking this up even though I have a concealer that I trust, this works wonders. I enjoy the packaging with the 3 step plan to hide your dark circles. Trust me I need a good concealer when working long hours in retail. I picked mine up in the light shade, there is a medium one too. It has an instant fix powder on the top as the step 3 and it hides and brightens under eyes. No regrets I really enjoy using this one, it blends well with your fingers to tap and warm the product into your skin. I also use make up brushes so overall it is a fab product from Soap and Glory.

I lost my trusty liquid eyeliner from Rimmel a few months ago and I have no idea how I lived without a cat eye on. This Supercat pen caught my eye as I have heard so many good reviews on it. I love the thin tip to apply the cat eye, easy to use and fault proof I find. It comes in the carbon black shade which brings out my eyes well, it stays on all day too. It has a gloss fix finish and is one of the easiest pens I have ever used. Yet another product that I am blown away with, why did I live so long without this in my make up bag.

Overall I am so impressed by Soap and Glory make up, it is fantastic. next pay day I want to pick up some more products to add to my make up bag. This has made me enjoy my make up application more over the last few days. 

What do you love from Soap & Glory make up?

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